September 1, 2010


This week so far has been rather productive. Cove (M'Boma) reached Veteran, and a few hours paired with Emanuel (Wiz) procured some Golden Apples and several Cabbages. Now that I have two levitating chars, I want a third, I want my deadly farming trio! On that note, Reckless Emilia gets levitation, so I believe I'll just save the spot for her. ^^

Finally decided to promote Jillian (Viki) to Veteran. He's been sitting at 100 for next to forever, but I believe I may have a use for him once again. No Testis stance yet, too spendy. I have better, more impending uses for those Mega ores than to use on one quest.

Pearl (Karlajain) is now 100! Maint delayed the achievement, so she hit 100 a few hours after. Torben (Jack) reached 100 just before maint. Also found some very very cheap Mysterious Powders in the MM (under 900k each!!), bought a few Amrita for 4m each (owie) and crafted a red ticket. So now..

Dun dun dun!!! The first of many, I'm sure. ^^;;

I've seen a definite increase in damage with the new polearm, so Italy (Fighter) has resumed training to Expert in Skele AA. She should reach Expert by sometime this weekend.

New goals!
- Expert Italy
- Vet Mei (Soso) in preparation for MMA quest
- On that note, craft/acquire trump knuckle or gaiter
- Acquire a (much needed) e84 3DR leather. +6 if possible, upgrade if necessary.
- Check out Secret Tower
- Complete quests AKA: ..hello Novia?

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