November 2, 2010


Surprising it's already the 1st of the month. Well - by the time this is posted it probably won't be, but I'm still awake so for me it still feels like it's the 1st.

Win notes concerning November:
- I'll be working on a Sword2 cosplay for a couple Cons later this month. Err, finishing one, rather. It was one I started some time ago but life bumped in and made me put it on the shelf for the time being. Recently I re-found it, and so the sewing has begun again! Which.. will be interesting as my sewing skills are par nonexistant. The good news? I can sew in a straight line! I'll add more info as I progress.. On that note (a hint?) making pants without a pattern is... difficult. ._.;;

- NaNoWriMo has now begun, so a good portion of my creativity will be fueling into that.

- And... maybe update? I haven't been on the forums or in-game as much as I'd like to be lately, so I feel a bit out of the loop on what the current plan is, but last I knew they were looking at mid-November as a launch for the next major patch. I think some might be saying it's been pushed back more.. but.. I haven't really run across anything concrete. So - here's to crossing fingers and hoping for the best. ^^;

My ongoing afk-leveling has been.. sporadic.. but progress is still continuing. I'm starting to get really tired of staring at Rion Dungeon everytime I log in to afk now, buuuut - on the upside the Family level is now 29! Whoohoo!!! Currently still clanless but that's alright. I don't have a bunch of free time for much activity in-game as it is. ^^;; November is looking like it'll be pretty busy for me so... maybe I'll have better luck come December.

So far in terms of leveling the nubs, being there are more who can wear only leather than those who can/can also wear metal I've been capitalizing on that option as much as possible. Unfortunately I've just about completely ran out of characters under 60-79 who can wear metal armor. I just picked my last one left, Callista (Rescue Knight), to add to my leveling team tonight. After this (as I level two sub-80's with Victoria (Grace) at the same time) I'll have to dig around for a decent leather to keep them alive. I believe I have a +3 DR leather armor sitting around somewhere.. *hunts*

All in all, my updates will be pretty sporadic for the next month or so. Oy, I miss boss farming.. *drools a little*

Oh - and before I forget, Ancient Orbs are freaking expensive.