October 4, 2012

Soup and Crackers (Alpha Soup Pt 2.5 - Veronif/Cruz Event)

Just when you begin get settled into the new farming routine...

G1 has added yet another event to the crazy montage of events, the Good Samaritan Event, also known in other versions as 'Anxious Veronif and Starving Cruise' event (which, I also hear, was removed due to conflicts with v10.18). Right when one would think we didn't have enough to farm for.. voila.. moar stuff. On the upside, its a very simple event and an easy way to gain lots of princ pots, exp cards (vet and expert G both), pet food, soul crystals, stance exp cards, and even socket fluxes. On the downside, the addition of these new event items required for this event (White Crystal, High Viscosity Liquid, and Unknown meat) has effectively nerfed the rate at which boxes can be farmed for most families.

Don't get me wrong, the boxes aren't dropping at any less of a rate (as, actively collecting with 1 char, I can still acquire the same number of boxes per hour as I did last week), but that the addition of these new drops means more boxes are missed. A lot more boxes. Check this QQ screen of the first 19 hours of farming after Maint ended. The first record (not in picture) began at 3:00, 0 boxes, 0 Samaritan event mats. First line in image was 8hours later at 11:30am, the following line 11hrs after that at 10:30pm.

A normally this should have been from 36 to 100-120 boxes (approx)
That's about 60-80 less boxes a day. /AlzeQQ

Curiously enough by actively looting this afternoon in one hour I netted 7 alpha boxes, 3 liquids, 6 meats, and 11 crystals. For me at least, this seems to prove that the new event items are indeed crowding out the boxes and once again this has become a matter of whether or not a loot pet is able to keep up with the rate at which items are dropping. It was barely keeping up before, now it's just completely underwater.

Complaints aside, this event is truly delicious in it's own respects. How it works is players gather at least 1 of each item: White Crystal (looks like talt), High viscosity liquid (looks like Liquid Gas), and Unknown meat (like any other meat in this game xD). Having one of each forms one set, which when turned into Veronif the player is rewarded with one random item. Amongst these is also Tasty Meat and Tasty Crackers which can be turned into Cruise (or Cruz, as he's called here) for additional rewards. As a result, there appears to be three separate reward tables.

Veronif - per Set:
  • Mystic Ampuleb (Ampule) x1
  • Princ Pots x1
  • Tasty Meat x1
  • Tasty Crackers x1

Cruz - Tasty Meat:
  • Event Triumph Fillers x2
  • Expert G EXP Card x10
  • Veteran G EXP Card x10
  • Training Card G x2
  • Alphabet Box x1
  • Principal ampule x2

Cruz - Tasty Crackers:
  • Health-Generator x20
  • Training Card G x2
  • Soul Crystal x10
  • Pet food x20
  • Expert G EXP Card x10
  • Veteran G EXP Card x10
  • Event Socket Flux x1

Mystic Ampule grants Lv 20 Bard buffs (Insistendo, Accelerando, and Meditivo) for 15 minutes. Princ pots give the standard Lv 12 Principal buff for 10 minutes. Triumph Fillers grant +1 AR/DR for 10 minutes. Training Card G grants 1m stance exp. Each G EXP (Vet/Expert) card gives 10% exp for their respective name promotion. Health-Generator returns 8k hp to a char upon use.

After I'm able to collect and turn in more sets, I'll make another post listing the percentages these rewards are given at. I must say this event is absolutely marvelous for leveling up characters. It is ridiculously easy to get a character from Expert to Master daily by doing nothing but afk farming. I theorize, it'll be very possible to insta-master one, if not two characters daily by using the Expert G cards alone.

Broken Event x Broken Event = ..Oh heavens.. I do believe Orpesia has turned into a test server. o_o;;

Moar haxness to come..