November 30, 2011

Castilla Ruins and Other Little Things..

Hello again lovelies! I decided it might as well be time again for my weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/random-time-of-the-year blog to finally be updated. I've pretty much lost track atm of where exactly I was when I posted last (Character-wise) so all of this will be one big ol' lump of 'guess what!' news.

First and foremost - the detested Castilla Mines have finally been done away with! Luck tripped across the Family's fortunes while checking the MM the other day and found quite a number of Gold Relics for 1m ea. After buying a few (the Family has been saving up what one's they could get a hold of for some while now) they were exchanged for the last two quest items required for the CM part of the questline.

Yes, yes we do have something.

Finally, after I-have-no-idea-how-many months, that quest can finally be put to rest. In exchange for their hard work, the Family received two new medals, and Anwen (Romi) got a snazzy new costume so now she can hide in plain sight whenever she visits the Ruins.

..Actually come to think of it.. it's been about exactly a month since I last posted.. funny that. xD

In more recent news that may or might not have been reported thus far:

- Finished the Viron questline (well, almost), acquired Raven (who was consequently named Auberon), got him to Vet and there he has sat in my quarters since. Shortly thereafter Valleria was finally rescued from the prison, also Vetted, and allowed to retire upon a comfy couch in a very empty looking quarters to rest her sorry bones from the shackles that once held them, and for some relaxed chatter with Auberon while adjusting to her new name of Elsie.

- With a bit of luck, some chips, and an assistant to help flirt with the Enchantment Lady, nearly all of the family's e100 arsenal has been rechipped to much more acceptable standards including a recently crafted Eye of Veilant, for Asoka.

- Also in regards to the Family's white-haired greatsword-weilding companion, an ESA was crafted, chipped, and +6'd, also in addition was it's sister-recipe, the magic belt from the halloween event, was also managed to be crafted and chipped to an imprintation of 2 dex, to which Zinnia was quite delighted.

- Margaret was finally granted an Augury stance ring crafting, which was intensified shortly thereafter. It's a huge help from having to switch between Ele Pen, Barsel, and Flare rings depending on what was required.

In other news....

Yup, it's true Ladies and Gents, Sword 2 has x-world pvp.

Lately, as you can tell ^ x-world has been finally added to the Sword 2 servers. It is a bit buggy in the sense that one has to try repeatedly before actually being successfully sent to a match. 90% of the time the player merely receives a 'Server Closed' message and you have to shut down the game and restart it again. That is unfortunate, however, the matches themselves? Quite a bit of fun. Above was a screen from the Family's first match, which.. strangely proved to be surprisingly easy. The match in the screen below, however, proved to be surprisingly hard. xD

Two Soso's face off while a Val and Catherine observe how it's done. :3

On that note.. there seems to be an awful lot of Catherine Torsche's in the rankings now. A lot of teams seem to be composed of a Sco/Val + Cath + ______. Frankly, I can't blame them. Cath is awesome <3 Also on the note of wcpvp, I'm not sure what all the numbers mean quite yet. No idea of exactly how the promoting works from Squire to Gallant either..  but I'm sure they'll be explained with time. 

- - - - -

On a side note, I've come to realize I'm only a month or so shy of being in the Family's current clan, for nearly a year. Interesting, that. I intend in a future entry to look back at where the family was then, and see how far they have come since. I must say this is the first true year-long bout of S2 playing that I've actually done without taking a x-month long break at some point. Back then Nar was the newest shiny character to be added, trump weapons were uber shiny, elite trumps were too much work, Circus was a brand new (painful) raid for the Family, and Equites was the first (of what would later be many) Expert stances to be learned by the Family's members. Funny to think also at that time, e92's were out of reach, the Family was *just* finishing their first full set of e84's, and 5.0 was the new shiny update lurking just around the corner.

Gah! I'm almost launching into said entry already. @_@ Must.. save.. for.. later.. Fates, it's late enough atm as it is.

Next update:
- CR mauling
- ToC poking
- CW shenanigans
- ET crafting?
- Equip scheming

Stay tuned :3