August 29, 2011

Alze's Update (Pt. 1)

Sooooo... I haven't actually posted on here in a heck of a long time. Time to fix that. Last two months have left this blog pretty barren save for Character promotions/levels updates on the side bar. Au contraire to these blank pages, the family has actually been very industrious in the New World. Allow this simple narrator to present to you, one of no doubt several, updates. Ie: A Pic-spam of Events.

Now last time we left off, the family was struggling on several points. LoD wasn't completed. Soso was a fresh Master, RE was undefeated and the best gear avaliable to the family was some trumps. Oy, surprising how much can change in two months.

- Aquired and maxed Flintlock, Hapkido,
-Completed the LoD questline. Aquired Kurt's character card.

A bit of exploring was in order.

- Crafted a Rosario, which after 100 chips, has yet to yeild any DR.

With Viron's release a new area was added to the new world. Along with it came daily Viron raids, maps, as well as weekly clan missions and Party Arena, a clan vs clan version of TA.
I gotta say - one thing I really like about Viron (similar to Castilla) is how much movement and animation the npcs have. It's so pretty. @_@

- Maxed Hapkido + ET turned out to be the solution to defeating Reckless Emilia. She was renamed Elena and added to the family. She underwent vigorous training and reached Expert within a week. 23 Chimera keys when into farming up an Aries for Madness, which she maxed in 2-3 days in Skele SA.
- Rio's questline for his expert Stance book was completed. Now just to actually get him to expert.

 - - - - - 

Now that was everything that happened until I was able to switch from playing on my lappy (faithful old thing it is) to my desky. Oh happy hd pretty-ness! The day I finished it, the clan was embarking on several Clan Raids. Thanks to the much bigger resolution I was able to use, I was able to take much prettier pictures! Enjoy some shots from our exploits. :3

Raff at it's finest.

Mad Uraeus rises once-more from it's bathwater.

Mad Griffon in all his raging glory.

The ever-vigilant pioneers.

I'll add more pictures about Red Forest after next week's raid. So far it's given me both a DHr and an eLB scout recipe. :3 The wraith-y things at the end drop elbs at a pretty nice rate.

- Mastered Niyone
- Attempted Valeria's quest. 
- Found and turned in a Snake Scale. Serpent recipes are now avaliable.
- Aquired and maxed SS on Zinnia (Caly)
- Promo'd Caly to Master
- Crafted first Serp weapon, a Whisper of the Forest. Fortune shined and granted a low atk + decent human racial mod to it.
- Crafted first ever eLB fig. Also, an elb scout dropped for me during a Red Forest run.
- Explored the maps outside Viron, and in turn found the infamous RedHair Fighter.

- Completed and recruited Catherine Torsche. She was renamed Caroline. Anyone who's played Portal 2, can recall the storyline, and has enough brain cells to rub together should be able to appreciate the irony. They're a bit stretched, and somewhat inverted by comparison, but it's by far enough to make me giggle.

- Went Vesping for the first time ever with a borrowed bow from a clanmate. During the 1-day pass a leveling extravaganza occurred. Margaret (Ele), and Jisket (Musk) were leveled and promoted to Master. Isabel (Helena) gained two levels. Circe (Asoka) gained two levels. Amelia (Lisa) and Caroline were promoted to Vet. And Caly went from fresh Master - to 60% into lv 5. Family level increased to Lv 35, and added enough % to leave it at the same percentage the Fam level had been when I first started vesping during fam Lv 34.

More goodness to come. :3
~ Alze.