October 20, 2010

Recap II

The week has been pretty silent. I know I haven't added a post in a while, and there's been reason for that. the main however is that most of the Family's time has been spent leveling up the lowbies! Been feeling a bit burnt-out on grinding with the Experts or Vets, coupled with re-finding an old game along with a number of guildies in it has resulted in the mass-leveling adventure currently taking place.

Thus far:
- Adelina, Idge, Claude, Andre, and Lorch have reached lv 80.
- Jose and Najib are currently 78

Once they're all lv 80 (I may add some more characters to that list at whim) I'll start leveling them up to 100. I won't Vet them until necessary. On the upside - all the leveling has been kind to the Family Level - as that too is gradually increasing as well. :D Whoo! Moar %'s to HP and ATK? yspls <3

- - - - -

I'm not in a huge hurry to get into Errac currently - I've heard after the uber patch of doom next month, it won't cost 5 runes to enter Occulta anymore. Given current rune hunting beats my Experts senseless and drags their sorry corpses across the map floor I'm in much, much more favor of waiting a few more weeks to complete those quests - get Nar - get that diary - and start working on those Expert stances than burning pots (and patience) hoping for 4 more drops of an item that Italy and Co. aren't even a decent level to farm drops for.

I just remember how much being a Vet sucked until I got some Vet stances, kind of like how Expert sucks right now. I currently can't AFK anywhere decent level without dying <15 minutes later. I'm hoping that like the Vet ones did for Bahamar, a few Exp stances will fix that for Katovic. *crosses fingers*

- - - - -

And to anyone reading.. (I know at least some of you do :P) ..if you have any grander advice.. do feel free to share. <3 I could use it.

October 6, 2010


Very very slow weekend game-wise, very busy weekend Life-wise = little to none active playing = even less things to share ^^;; unfortunately..

In-game Mei (Soso) has been soloing in Via Fluvial. I've forgotten how slow Vet leveling can feel after being spoiled in AA for a month. Yes, I know mine ended a while ago - but I'm still noticing it. xD About the most exciting thing that has happened thus far was getting killed by the Dream Blade Antelope while I was AFK at work. I found out about it.. oh.. some three hours later. I shall have my revenge!

And maybe get a symbol? *crosses fingers*

Next to that - Mei reached Vet Lv 3. I'm considering crafting a Trump knuckle so she can kill faster.. but I'm not entirely sold on the idea. She's killing just fine with a pio wep. Actually.. all I really need to craft one right now is more Mega Talt.. Hmm... >_>

- - - - -

Goal Updates
- Hunt up a clan for CW, raids, and chaos chattage.
- Get some e92 3DR.. +'s don't matter.. but a bonus.
- Farm Katovic for the rest of those Apples/Cabbages - sell extras
- Try to solo PY again - aka: Chimmy dps test v.2
- Revisit Novia...

October 3, 2010

Pansy Leveling Pt 2

Well - our resident Squishy now known as Pansy Rio, formerly known at Caelan, commonly known as Vincent Rio finally made Veteran! *cue large sigh of relief here* I don't understand *what* it was about this boy, but he has been the most stubborn family member to level to date. Even Isabel who only has 32 Con (8pts less) had better survival at the same levels than Caelan did. With the same gear! So - either Caelan is just a bit of fail - skeletons REALLY hate musicians - or Isabel is just made of pure survival magic.

Dawn (Claire) was also promoted to Veteran despite her points still being undecided between Dex or Str. I figured my Scout didn't have her points allocated until she was Vet Lv 4 or so, but Dawn could use the extra AR/DR point, not to mention any Exp. ^^

- - - - -

Bought a Spirits of Ice ring for Mei (Soso) off the MM this week, and also an Enhanced Frostbite ring. I know these two don't stack QQ but each has their strengths so I got them both. Very fortunate! Especially considering I've been haunting the MM for an Ice ring for eons.. and finally found one. :D

- - - - -

Clan-wise the Family is still clanless. Party from curiosity and interest I've kept an eye out for where other former clannies have gone. A few started their own (so-far) one-man clans, a few others have joined one random clan here or there but I've heard the name of each before at some point or another. Interestingly enough the two largest migration destinations has been to either Core or Ethereal.

I'm a bit interested in Ethereal, but that's going solely off of their thread on the forums. I'll admit I am drawn to the number of colonies they possess yet I've also noticed Ethereal hasn't been involved in CW recently (past few weekends) which.. concerns me. Now don't get me wrong - that sort of colony buff would be very nice - and extremely helpful - but I want to get out there and fight each Saturday too.

Maybe that's why people keep moving to Core. o.O Mmm.. either way more research is needed as I have way too little info, as I'd like to CW weekly and join in raids if possible. Maybe I'll just post in the 'looking for a clan' thread. That might work too. -.-