April 27, 2013

That Dusty Shelf

Time to dust this little place off a bit I guess. It's been quite a while.

Real life has settled down, and quite a few major things have come and gone and happened. I've hardly been on GE at all the entire last two months. Maybe a handful of times to poke my nose in for about 2 minutes, look around, and log out again. After a while I determined I might as well just be gone until they finally give some sort of answer about the lost enchantments issue before I consider resuming play.

Which they have. I haven't sent a ticket in yet, but I probably will soon once their service settles down.

Now, admittedly, I haven't been horribly affected by the enchantment wipe. In total I've only lost about four or so enchantments that I actually cared about as everything else useful was equipped on one character or another. Either way the duration the issue has persisted in combination with real-life events made it highly discouraging to continue pressing on in-game until it was fully addressed.

I think currently, I will wait until my mods are restored and then attempt a return into Castilla.

I say an attempt, as I'm not completely sold on playing as much as I used to be. A lot of things have changed since the merge, and things just aren't as they were before. The small group I loved playing with is no more. These were the people I would go and 3-man death wraiths with, and 5-man Cortes when the situation called for it. (Admittedly, or numbers were normally a tad higher than that, but when it got to bare bones a few could be on, we could pull through and still down these.) With the new server, there are new tasks, and with the addition of the mods vanishing, being 'small yet strong' wasn't so much of an option anymore.

Add in other vices/leader being gone due to irl madness (it wasn't just me), and another dear friend getting utterly nuked due to no fault of his own, and other close friends having already long gone.. it's difficult to stay sometimes when so much has changed. I liked our small group in Schiavona. It was like a small family. Little, tight-knit, we had each other's backs.


I think it's time to log back in, see who is still around, who is where, and start contacting/asking questions. I wouldn't mind logging in to play casually, but long gone are my days of being able to play frequently and be able to be on reliably as specific times. My life has changed too much, and I can no longer do that.

I'm not 'leaving' GE.. not completely.. not yet. I'm okay with being 'on leave' but I'm not comfortable with being 'gone'. However incredibly close that reality might be. At this point, I'm really not sure. On the flipside, I really have missed writing up these blog posts. If anything, maybe I should get back into the swing of things at least for these. Something about the magic of pressing keys and sending thoughts to people around the globe charms me. Maybe this isn't the end, quite yet.