January 28, 2011


This past week has been a very busy week game-wise. It didn't take long until I found there would be quite enough to create a post and so I made a list.. and that list kept growing quite a bit. So! Without further ado~

- Nar has been added into the Family and named Iapetos. Given the blunt Xaele (Ania) had when she was first added was still around, he's been able to start leveling Combatant right away. He was paired up with Victoria (Grace) and Evalyn (Brunie) for the lulz and the levels.

 On a side note... Nar is huge.

- Also, I finally got Equites!!!!! I've had a Sag Symbol sitting around for some time, and now that the Errac quests have finally been finished~ Expert stances here we come! There's plenty of Great Stones from the recent Ethereal boxes, but now it's just a matter of getting the appropriate symbols.

- With Equites now under Italy's belt, she was let loose upon Bahamar to level it, mastering it in only four days. But..only? (Only?!) I feel I should be happy and disappointed at the same time. It was a bit of a surprise how much longer it did take to level the stance in comparison to Vet stances, but it wasn't too terrible. Save.. I remember how much of a pain Levitation seemed to be.. and that wasn't even a Veteran stance. I can only imagine what agony Darkness is going to bring. @_@

- Italy reached Expert Level 2 late the other night. In celebration (and after some extensive Golden Spider/Thora farming) a bit of crafting was in order - thus creating the Family's 5th (5th?) Trump! Now some serious grinding can be done. :3

 Sword + wings + squishy mobs = Happiness!

- I finally found a 3DR e84 coat for Emanuel!!! HUZZAH!!!! After far-too-long of haunting the MM, I finally found an e84 for my wizard. The Family tried +6'ing it three times..THREE.. ..and then I ran out of gold and my vis was low so I stopped. Now granted some people have tried multiple times to get a +6.. enough that would make a mere three tries seem piddly but.. the first time I tried +6'ing I got it on the second try. Consider me still spoiled by a bit of however brief luck. xD The coat will just have to remain a +5 for now.

- Taught Emanuel Incantation to compensate for the failed +6'ing. Good news? He now has all Vet stances and is set to continue leveling to Expert. :3 At this point the Family was almost broke - so the last remaining x-million were spent on Bellems. They'll replenish the funds shortly. ^^

- Attempted the Family's second ever Circus run, this time taking Italy vs. Niyone (Scout) like last time. A fellow clan family (surprisingly o-o) let Italy borrow a +5 3DR EMS for the trip. Given the Family has no experience tanking what-so-ever there was a nice bit of advice offered. Not long after wards (and several sc's on my part) later - success! Italy received a pair of gauntlets, 1 vet chip, 2 lv 100 chips, and a green circus ticket.

- Having missed Poison Yard, the Family later tried the Infiltration mission event thing. Sending in Italy, Victoria (Grace) and Jisket (Musk) in, it wasn't too bad. Save for the spinning blades that show up after 100 kills. Those were found out about the hard way D: ..but not before securing a green and yellow rough stone for their impending grievances.

..all that and it hasn't even been a week proper. I am starting to miss playing with a wiz or ele, but given Italy can actually level on her own now, going to Caeb to farm cards is beginning to sound like a very real possibility very soon. I'm currently haunting the MM for a cheap Leo so Italy doesn't have to be held back and can be mastered when possible. Also: I have a TON of pure ores. If I NPC'd them all - I would gain about 36m vis. There's anywhere from 12-21k of *each* pure ore. Not to mention some 17k of bulk silver. Going by the MM would be a considerably higher profit but.. it's going to take forever to sell all of those... @_@ Wish me luck! D:

January 23, 2011

What's this? What's this?

So ~ I have returned! *dun*dun*duuuun!*

My so-called 'break' exploded into quite the little vacation, and a very busy vacation it was. If I wasn't busy with finals, overtime at work, making lefse or family was over visiting I was off visiting instead. They don't call it the holiday rush for nothing! All in all the dust has finally settled, the sub-zero chill has finally set in - and here I am - back for another run.

An enthusiastic cry from a long-absent trio!

Checking back into Sword2 I see a few things have happened in my absence. Precisely how much (or little) I'm not quite sure yet as I was hardly around the forums let alone in-game. Apparently we're still waiting for the big 5.0? That's alright with me though.. still gives me a bit of time to go burn some Bellems and try to profit off the profits before they go poof! Ah yes - it is true - I'm still in the 'Expert nub' rut. The viscousE little Errac > Stances > Pwnage > Monies > Armor > Errac cycle.. the little 'need one to complete the other' trip. The entire catch is.. is getting into that little merry-go-round in the first place.

In other (very short) news -
- Bellem Boxing has returned with a vengeance, and probably will be until S2 *finally* patches. I, for one, am in no hurry.
- Certain e92's are cheaper than when I left... ..hopefully soon a belated Merry Christmas to me?
- Amazement has struck as I remember more key shortcuts than I thought I did.
- The Family has finally found a clan.. :D

On that last note - it was rather unexpected. No sooner had I *just* logged in when I received a PM asking if I was looking for a clan. A bit of a convo and a Q&A session ensued and voila~ Alzeda has now become a part of Core. I find this a bit ironic as a number of my former clannies also ended up in Core - and some of them are still in it, though several have moved on. True as it stands - I'm a bit under geared for fun things like raids and CW.. however having some people around to chat with again with is proving refreshing and working it's own wonders for my (former) far lacking sense of motivation.

Earlier Sat I ventured into Errac, spying a couple of clanmates along the way. Fortunately, it was Dias so the Family didn't get mopped across the floor quite so fast as in Noche, however they were still given a good thrashing and died at least three times within.. oh.. fifteen? Twenty minutes? A bit unexpectedly, the Family ended up teaming up with a couple clanmates and so in our little mob of roving death, raised a bit of chaos across the field until 50 Kobold Crouchers were killed for a quest.

Behold the carnage!
However - the day wasn't over quite yet! Within a short time an impromptu group was assembled for venturing into Occulta, and with a little surprise help some five or so families gathered to venture into the trap-ridden depths! Now - I've heard tales of the horrid trigger-happy passages that plague this dungeon. I've also heard that they were (reportedly?) tweaked as so there weren't so the traps anymore. Regardless - giant spikes that shoot out of the floor still have a wonderful ability to halt fleeing family on the spot until they are pummeled to oblivion. Three Soul Crystals later Italy, Niyone, and Jisket arrived in a safe corridor - and then the fun began!

The Elders really didn't stand a chance..
Three more crystals later, several res potions, and countless moments of flailing later all our required quests are done. And by all - I do mean all. ^^ The diary was almost an immediate find, and between several families all attacking at once the Elders didn't last long either. After that, TA began and the Family set off to finish up the long-overdue quests. The awesome news? Expert stances are finally available and the Family finally (finally!) acquired Nar! Now all that's left is to cook up a name.. again..

..have I mentioned that naming isn't my forte..?

Now the great debate besides naming Nar - and no he isn't going to be named just 'Nar' - is.. now that I've gotten back into the swing of Bellem Boxing again and actually have *some* income once more.. so do I save first for Symbols for Expert Stances? Or for shiny e92 armors? I'm leaning towards armor.. but.. but! Shiny stances!!! /QQ

Eh, it'll sort out in the end. :3