December 26, 2013

I Think I Just Ate A Phoenix Feather

So something strange happened today. I patched (twice) and logged into GE. For the first time in.. oh.. I don't even have an idea of how many months I've logged back into the game. I've been long removed from Halcy (dw I still love you guys), I've long forgotten 90% of the command shortcuts, let alone hardly remember where I even was quest-wise. (We won't get into my lack of recollection of what was valuable when I left, let alone what my 'dailies' even were at the time.) I'm not entirely sure what's led me to log back in, but I have.

Perhaps it's like sipping an odd wine to remember why you kicked the habit.

The above is my usual reaction upon logging back in the last 2-3 times I did since my hiatus status. Hasn't happened yet tonight. Between Tera (where I've been most of this past year) becoming overly easy, and a nasty arm cramp keeping me off of MS (don't ask how I'm managing to type, I just can't spam ctrl, a, s, and z repeatedly), I decided to poke my nose back into GE being it obviously:

1 - Hasn't died
2 - Hasn't been shut down
3 - There's still friendlist people online

Some of the clans have changed, some have stayed. I have no idea what the political climate is like, but I can make a good guess. One or several clans is probably dominating x-resource/raid/money-source much to the discontent of the rest of the server. It's usually how it goes.

I'm not sure I could ever get back into GE full-swing again. Actually, I know I cannot. With the way my life has changed over this past year, it isn't possible anymore. For that I'm kind of glad, or I'd be sorely tempted to rejoin in on the 'server-just-up-quick-kill-ALL-the-bosses' raids, as fun as they were last year.

Maybe it'd be fine to just poke around now and again. Just a little. I do, after all, miss my old nicknames.

Until later,