March 9, 2012


Funny how that is, the longer time passes, the more that occurs, the less interest I have in posting any of it. Has my blogging muse ran out? I find I no longer that that inciting drive to post up whatever happens to the 'Family' in game anymore. This however - does not mean I have any less interest in playing (au contraire, I'm probably more active now in ways than I have been in a long time), however with people in-game to chat with on a regular basis, the "Omigah! MUST SHARE THIS!" twitch I previously had has been seriously medicated.

However, I do have a few things I would like to note for future reference lest I forget then timing of their incidence and strain my brain (and wade through a veritable ocean of screenshots) to recall when they occurred.

- Early Dec (11th) of last year, the Family parted ways from Core after residing within the clan for nearly a year. A week later after the wait penalty, they joined Albatros. A curious and confusing move to some, but overall - in my opinion - a worthwhile decision. I find it very tempting to ramble away as to the motives for such a decision, and surrounding circumstances and (at-then) present and previous deciding factors as a lot of thought was put into the decision, however I shall resist.

- Family level has increased several times, and is now Lv 45(+2). Only five more levels to go in preparation for the next patch!

- I have more things to chip, and more chips to use, than I have EBs and vis to cover for.

- The Family has finally acquired/crafted/hunting/sought/luck-begged/roulette bribed/completed it's first full magic set of accessories. It only works on certain chars due to limited wearability of the boots, however a set is a set indeed.

- Everyone in the Family still toting elb's like it's going out of style. ( that line redundant?)

- Family has achieved 'Knight' rank for team pvp, however 1v1 ranking fluctuates considerably between Brave and Valiant.

- The Family's raiding teams have learned new ways of accomplishing a desired goal. I've been very much enjoying new things I would otherwise be unable to know. It's keeping my interest and keeping the game fun for me. Things and subjects which, until last year, were virtually unspoken by anyone the Family knew (though I'm sure some knew, ah well. Was wishful thinking for me at the time.)

- All characters who had been in card-form have been crafted, Lionel has been re-added to the Family from an alt, and Selva's questline completed. On that note - the number of Masters and Experts in the Family has increased considerably.

- Acquired lv 5 rank buff from AW. Currently half-way to desired goal rank. After that? Family shall be medal hunting and pursuing other accomplishable achievements offered by the weekly Alliance War event.

- Acquired a 2nd ET ring, crafted a 2nd Augury ring (for Helena, who is now Master), and various other small trinkets.

- Daily raid list has expanded from daily CM, to include daily BH and raff runs. On that note - raff has been very generous of late, contrary to its former stingy nature in regards to giving out const boxes. On that note, I am currently one symbol away from a complete (first ever) symbol set.

- An old friend is leaving the game for fairer fields, which is sad. On the upside, he'll still drop now and again, but PMing shennanigans will be missed.

..and ah.. yeah. That kinda wraps up everything important I have on my mind currently. And. Um. Yeah. That's about it. Perhaps I'll get some pics up sometime? This blog could use a little more color. x.o

Until later
~ Alze