May 26, 2011

A Month Later.. Wait, what?

Ya know I've come to the conclusion I make far too many drafts, and not enough posts. Anyway, nutshell bite-sized edition of what's been happening since my last successful update/post in no particular order. This isn't meant to be of any great nutritional value. Just reporting ze events so I don't have to later. :3

Since April:
- Made a ton of black oxides from a crud-ton of rings that'd been hoarding. We're talking some 50+ rings of nab stances I've been collecting since the uber nub days x-years ago.
- MAULED Katovic for cabbages. Was able to make a snowfield soup. One quest done. Just need to farm up even moar cabbages for Garcia. -.-;;
- Finished the Ania and Andre quest - made a Fig Dignite Costume. It's.. it's ok. Might make more later when I'm bored and rolling up to my gills in Amritas.
- Spent oodles of time hunting angler and voila! Persistence pays off. Managed to find a Scorpio for Niyone, which is now only a Lv 16 Enhanced Tactics. People weren't kidding, it really is a bish to level.
- Also got a DHr from angler, now affectionately dubbed 'Ann Geller' aka 'Annie G'. Took a lil while - but crafted it too. It's now sitting in storage, collecting dust until the Family can acquire a recipe worthy of said item. We're hoping for an eLB (fig, ideally) but it might be a while before such an item is crafted and chipped into something usable.

- Found a Cut Phys Res necklace in Sewers while helping a clannie farm seals. Bought a phys necklace from BH, got a made recipe (and crafted it) from Errac. Now the hunt is on for an Enhanced Phys necklace to make the cut version. I should go farm for it.. KoC timer is silly easy to get if you have the time for it. On that note..
- Got a cave piece, now I need a snake scale to be able to access recipes for the Serpent series. No I don't want to pay 15m for the drop. Cheaper, damnit. Yes I'm a vis-pincher! (ha-ha... x.x) This might actually wait a while. Got started because of debate over what to do with the DH. I wanna maaake somethiiiiiiing ;~;
Also: a Story as told by Sierra:
"Long ago, the underground cave was covered by a lake. There was a large snake, called the Sworn Guardian, that requested sacrifices every year. But, in return, the Sworn Guardian gave the King many treasures. But, the King was not satisfied with the amount of treasure he recieved from the Sworn Guardian. The King even tried to have it killed, so that he could have all the treasure for himself. Unfortunately, for the King, the Sworn Guardian got angry and swallowed him and his people and then shrank to the bottom of the Underground. Do you think the Sword Guardian is still alive?"
Que curioso. King of Greed, indeed.
- Family finally managed to defeat the Phobitan General in the Castilla Mine.
- Iapetos (Nar) and Rosaline (Sum Cath) were both promoted to Veteran.
- Wanna find a Caeromia costume. For cheap. Saw one the other week for 20m, haven't found one since. QQ. Got Wild Blare for Iapetos. Now just to wait for his costume to come out.
- Tried and completed (a) Vergo Instance mission. V is a bish. Do. Not. Like. Didn't really break even, though chip prices were faceplanting at the time. If only I had the dps for raff. @_@

- ASSOOOOOOKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (yes she qualifies as her own bulletin point)
Introducting: Circe! She's shiny @_@

- Circe was quickly Vetted and then given Sidewinder to level. Much debate happened about what to do with the 950 some Caeb cards the Family had stashed away. It was decided to let Circe sit as she was for now, given the Family seriously lacks in gears as it is, let alone having a decent GS for this lil specialty. She'll be a project continued at another time.
- Got a taste of the whole auto-red thing first-hand. (As I understand of the issue, it's still a bit fuzzy to me). Conclusion: It's a bish. I say if you're going to turn red and kill me, then switch back to blue a minute later, is cowardice. If you're going to  be red, stay red damnit. I don't give two excrement lumps if you* can mop the floor with me, at least be a sport if you want to pk. -.- (* using word in general to avoid naming names. Gotta say it knicked off some previous respect I had for said subject. Trying not to associate the disapproval to the rest of said player's clan. I dislike judging a group by one player's actions but.. still. Not. Cool.)
- Stuffed said hoard of Caeb cards down Soso's throat instead of Asoka's. 10 Hours of leveling later, Mei was promoted to Master. This makes her the 3rd Master of the Family.
- Started and completed the MMA questline in two tries. The first failure happened quite on accident on the last boss before Fritz. Overall - was much easier than I anticipated. Also - ET saved my bacon so many times it's not even funny..

Victory Stance after xx-pics of bosses and fighting. Soso + Ice = Love.

- Kicked Sharon's butt in Caebolan, but however got butt kicked by Reckless Emilia. Here's the funny thing - Soso managed to single-handedly take out a bit over half of RE's hp by herself in an initial test run. Haven't been able to do *nearly* as well since. It's.. a bit silly in an absurd sort of way. No special buffs either. Not even ET. Wtf?

Actual reading-quality posts later. Til then. :3