June 28, 2011

Aqua! Travels and Flintlock.

((Alze Note: This was orig. written some.. two weeks ago? It has a healthy bit of ramble/rant so I figured I'd just post it anyway vs letting it collect dust in my draft bin.))

Ah, it feels good to be back again! Of late life's been very busy as some much-needed planning is kicking into high gear. In the meanwhile the Fam has been taking an extended snooze in the barracks while IRL I've been having my own off-the-wall *ahem* adventures.

An old note:
"I've been mostly awol during the last few days as I've taken off traveling cross-country. Until I return home I will stay equally awol until further notice! This includes a healthy presumption that nothing more goes wrong with my traveling, no mufflers falling off, no sensors freaking out and drying to drown the engine in gas, and no dead deer on the road to get in my way. It's a long story, but I had to be towed the last 40 miles of my journey. Oh joy."

That was part of the original message I had saved in this post when it was still a draft. On the return trip, I still ended up stranded on the side of the road and had to have a family member drive out some 300+ miles, hitch up a trailer, and tow the damn car allllll the way back home. Good news? Nothing was terribly wrong with it. Fussy news? It was just the right part to go haywire to mess everything up. Well - in terms of being able to move forward when you press the gas pedal at least.

Sword-wise not a whole lot has been happening. The Family is currently hinged on needing to complete the LoD quests, and I've yet to have the spare day to do it in. Beyond that the Family has been firmly lodged in a deep debate of what to do with their chip sales. Prices are.. pathetic.. considering they can be gotten from boxes while people spam away for _____ high item. It's still possible to make a reasonable profit given one has the opportunity, clannies/friends, and the time to do so, but time is of the essence as symbols are also tied into this deflation of prices. Namely - Libra. Aka: Shadow Sting FTW. Good news - it's uber cheap now and probably only going to get cheaper. Icky news - I'm about 50m short of one and chips don't sell, dag nabbit.

Bet you can't guess what my main source of income is.

I really do hate those boxes sometimes. They flood the market with all the stuff I sell to make vis. /QQ.

Either way - armor, weapons, and symbols need to be aquired. The which/what/how/when/now? debate still rages from time to time. Lately the Family purchased a small stockpile of cheap (for recent times) Mysterious Powders in preparation for tackling the LoD quests involving Kurt and Eduardo. I still have no idea which of the two I'll go with. They're identical - save for skin and summon color. But.. stiiiiiiiilll. *fidget* I can't decide.

In other news the Fam got a cheap Aqua some weeks ago, and so Jisket (Musk) still has a nab Flintlock level as I haven't the time to level it properly yet. Also got the new costume hair for Nar, and hair and costume for Ania. Now if only I could find Nar's costume for uber cheap.. buuuut.. I'm not sure that's going to happen. We'll see. :3

Kinda interesting to look back, back when I'd QQ about how many stances I didn't have. As of now I have pretty much all the ones I wanted to get, and then a few extra. Funny how that goes.