December 31, 2012

New Server, New Year

New Transfer, new host, new content, new opportunities, new characters..

So much new stuff!

New blog too, well, sort of. TAE is undergoing a major revamp in light of a contest ongoing in T3Fun's new forums (See Event 2). There are a number of ideas I've had floating around in my mind for months now, and this has been the final prod of opportunity to get them into motion. The overall look and theme of TAE won't change much, however the content and where it's seen will. The side bars will be completely revamped, and a lot of the current content taken out. Instead of a mass of family-specific information (ie: my hoard of characters) there'll be links instead.

The body of the blog will remain much the same, as posts on Family progress and game-specific guides will both be listed together, however a small mini-directory off to the right should help visitors in finding precisely what they're looking for. There will be a guide or two popping up in the next week, along with some pages to cater information specifically for the Castilla Server.

This isn't a terribly long post, as you can see. ^^;; It's no-where near my usual lengthy rambles (and much more upbeat than my last one), but sometimes something more 'bite-sized' is okay too.

Happy New Year everyone, and I'll see you next year!

December 30, 2012

That Restless Feeling: A Final Update

So pretty much all the events on the Sword 2 servers are drawing to a close. Things a finally winding down, the drama is slowly coming to an end. It's the final tune before the curtain call. Never has it been so quiet, silent, anxious. I'm not so sure if  this is the quiet after a storm, or the silent brew right before one. It's right in the middle between closing the G1 chapter of drama, and opening a new one in T3. Honestly it's a bit fitting this should happen so freshly within the New Year..

..and I just can't shake that restless feeling.

I keep feeling like there is more to be done, something to do. The thought of leaving Orpesia - no longer being Orpesian - becoming Castillian (Castillan? Do we even have a word for ourselves yet?) is.. quite a notion to get used to. True this is all something we knew would happen, and was going to happen, for months now. But the fact that it is going to happen, and very soon, is.. well.. a bit shocking.

Perhaps I'm overly sentimental, but I get attached to these sort of things. After being within Orpesia for nearly five years (holy buckets that's a long time..) it kind of grows on you. The 'Drama' server, the history, the politics, the clans.. after playing so long it kind of 'becomes a part of you'. Your in-game identity, who you are. It separates us from the Bristians, and Illierians (Sorry, I have no idea how to put it ^^; - What DO Illier players call themselves?). It makes us unique within the player community. Now all three servers will be merging into one, Castilla. This sort of nerves reminds me of when xpvp was going to be introduced, but bigger. Much, much bigger.

I could launch into a lengthy debate, but I'll resist. It can be summed up as merely the consideration that each server is used to having only a select population being geared, and having access to certain raids exclusive to their own social and political class. Each server has at least a group accustomed to this. Now they'll all have to compete/share for the same amount of resources - and find a new 'pecking order' (if you will) amidst themselves with triple the competition. (Three, as in competition from their own server, and two others from the other two servers respectively). It's like tossing spiders into a jar to see which ones will come out on top. (Someone's cringing at me now xD). Gross or not though, it's a fitting comparison.

- - - - -

All that a side though, it's been one hell of a ride these last several months. Over two major events (and one minor), and several month's time of near-perpetual farming. This is what has been resulted to the Family in the end:

Veronif/Cruz Event:

I must say, as a disclaimer, most of those cards were used Experting my hoard of characters. Same goes for the Soul Crystals (only a fraction of that original amount remains.. somehow) and all of that pet food is long gone. Though note that was all collected (and collectively used) over an entire month, however it has been a near solid two months since this event has ended.

Alphabet Event: 

Unfortunately, I did miss recording some things, but nothing of much importance. This also included approximately 1992 Elite Treasure Chests, and approximately 6.6-6.7k Alphabet Boxes farmed over a span of 70 days for an average of 93 boxes per day. Honestly.. that math sounds a little weird to me, a bit high, but meh, this is just the tallies, not fact checking.

Christmas Event:

This event I *really* held off on pursuing especially in light of the fact that Ordinary Boxes weren't dropping the proper items, and frankly after three months of farming, I didn't want to look at another afk team ever again. These are the results of opening approximately 44 boxes - most of them Fancy boxes. I turned in 1670 tokens, which could be farmed in about a day and a half in places like Skele AA/SA. My MEP had run out by that point, however, and my desire to 'farm moar' had fled long ago.

All in all, I finally feel sufficient in the amount of weapons I have (albeit nearly all need to be chipped). There are enough wings to keep a team equipped constantly for a solid two years. Enough Caeb Passes to live amid the vesps an entire year. 10hr pots to stay buffed for 250 days. 1hr pots to stay buffed 11 days. And Triumph fillers for a solid day and some change. I really, truly honestly do not know how I'll use these up. 

This entire year I have been able to progress considerably, both in gear and game play. I must say, it's been quite a ride. Until next year, Orpesia. We'll see you in Castilla.


December 16, 2012

Decemble Rambers

Seems a bit strange after having the Alphabet Event for three whole months (yes, it really has been that long) that the entire thing is finally coming to a close. As of this last maint the boxes no longer drop from mobs, though the already-farmed boxes still exist in-game, as well as all the letters, and all other event-related paraphernalia. The UPCs will be in town until the Christmas Day maint next week. With a little luck, the words will change one more time before then during this weeks maint as Raiden has hinted. I really hope so, I'm just a few tokens from another shiny I want to get.. /QQ

As far as my Farming Guide was going, I had it about half-written when the end of the event was announced. With only a few days left of farming itself, I decided it wasn't worth finishing for a 48hr benefit at most, and so it has been archived for now. If in the future a similar event is implemented  I'll dust it off and finish it. Until then, well, it won't be.

I believe, instead (whenever time permits - heaven knows I've been severely short on that) I would like to flesh out a Raiding role guide. Not a guide on how to do x, y, and z raids.. but rather how to successfully fulfill the needed role within the raid to ensure success. It'll be divided into categories of: Tank, WC, Support, and finally DPS, in probably that order. I'll list preferred teams, gear, needed rings, useful buffs, stances required, and other information. With a little luck it'll be out by the time we switch over to the new server (lawl), or perhaps within a month or so after.

With three servers merging into one, there will be a lot more people to go raiding with, but the need for people who know who to tank/wc/etc won't necessarily decrease. In Orp, as far as I'm aware, there only tends to be a few certain people who nearly always fulfill the same roles. It tends to be, if they are not around or available for a raid, it simply doesn't happen. Besides, I think there would be more volunteers for other roles other than support/dps if people realized how little they actually needed to do so.. It's DPS that's the most gear intensive, imo. I'll save myself from rambling. I'll save that for the guide itself. :P

IRL has been a mess of busy schedules, so while I've managed to farm quite a bit during the Alphabet Event, I reallly haven't played much at all, save for the brief instances of come back from afk/empty inv/set up team/go afk again. Winter is a super busy time work-wise as it is, and with other plans also cooking on the back burner, free time? What play time? /nervous laughter x.x *cough* Ah well, so is life sometimes.

And cold. It's also freaking cold. It looks like the Katovic Snowfields outside, and feels like it too.

Admittedly, I do keep thinking of the massive update we'll have as Sword 2 becomes Granado Espada once again as it switches hands from G1 to T3Fun. It's labled as 10.23.4 (which is just a breath shy of Bristia, as far as I know - or maybe that is Bristia? The specifics are a bit unclear currently..). Ramiel (our resident t3 Admin) has been posting Update Previews on the new forums about once a week. So far it's only really listed 9.5 stuff, but I'm interested regardless. My theory is they're working on patch goodies from 9.5 -> 10.18 -> 10.6 -> 10.23.4 and we'll see thread updates as they progress that far. Either way, regardless of how you slice it, its a massive amount of content. And considering it's been a solid year since we updated to 8.5? About time!

Event-wise I've farmed up.. a seriously unhealthy amount of boxes. Sometimes I envy others who have farmed up a ton more than me, though, I'm not sure they blew all their tokens getting all the Promo Chars/Puni either.. which is exactly what I did. Alllll of them (well, sans the ones I already had ofc). Actually in hindsight it's kind of curious they'd even have Asoka in there.. actually a lot of things have been highly curious about the event.

1 - Punisher stance being readily avaliable (via tokens, ofc)
2 - Asoka being readily avaliable (after previously being stated that s2 was allowed 200 (or was it 300? I forget) Asokas *ONLY* and no more for server balance concerns.
3 - The insane amount of Raiden boxes one can acquire, and how 32 and 33 AR weapons have absolutely plummeted (I mean this in the fullest sense of the word) from 200m-1b in prices to a scant 50-100m ea.
4 - Not to mention, how all the Rune, HQ jewel, Const Symbol, and feso markets have been utterly ruined compared to what they once were.

From what I understand, it all boils down to one thing - future availability. Weeeeell and there was that lil factor of keeping a highly disgrunted community pacified and playing long enough to make the transfer. But that's besides the point.

Now I can't say anything about anything in point 4, but 1 and 3 points are all items that are either A - easily avaliable in other versions, for equally cheap prices (or so I've been told, #3), or are simply easier to get than in the current version (#1). I've heard Asoka gets nerfed a bit, so she isn't quite as Imba.. though I might be all washed up on that.. buuuut.. I'm just repeating what I've heard.

..Cripes.. in <20mins I've belted out all that ._. Yikes. I'll save some other content for later.
Possible future rambles:
- That supposed Raid guide, if/when it happens.
- Final loot tally from the Event Marathon we've had.
- Future speculations
- Feature: The new Family Level system and how it works. (Yes, yes I know there are translated guides on it, but there are a few quirks about it I've found that I haven't seen addressed.)
- Feature: Castilla AA
- ...maybe some other quirks if I think of them?
- Family profile page? (Yeah, I've been slacking on that. xD)
- Brief recollection on the (very recent) history of Orp and it's clan politics. (A background sort of glance)
Annd.. I think that's all I got. However, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions.. I'm all ears.

More 'Rambers' later.