November 19, 2012

Something to Consider

Alright so this is an idea I've had bumbling around in my mind for a while but never fully decided to execute. I've decided though that over time - as knowledge, interest, time, and subject matter permits, I'll begin to make and post up guides on various topics onto my blog.

It's interesting to look at what search terms have brought people to TAE and often I see what they were searching for isn't information they'll find here, which frankly is a bit unfortunate. It's always a bit of a pain to be hunting for info on something, click on what you hope will help give you the answer just to find everything 'but' the info you're wanting.

So, without further ado, I'll be adding a 'Guides' and 'Searched' tag onto certain future posts. I'll still make posts about the Fam itself and it's progress (lawl, when I finally DO update that - most likely after this event ends) however I think I will aim a bit more on the finer things of game play often overlooked, forgotten, or just not even noticed. Things might be a bit slow right now, but I would like to pursue this path.

Alze note: Slight disclaimer here though, it might take me a while to get going on this, or update on here at all. A definitely timeline I cannot guarantee.  For me IRL, winter is a super busy time at work so it's difficult to get any consistent free time.

More soon