September 16, 2013

Wow, that's a surprise.

So while I have not logged into the game in a very long time, and my general mmorpg playing has taking a sharp slide, I did find it very amusing to come back to this blog to find a very shiny 5-digit number on it. Suprender! 10k views has been achieved.

Da da da-da! *holds up above head*

I always figured this would happen *eventually* just.. not anytime in the near future, let alone be lucky enough to randomly check it on the exact day when this number would appear! Hah! Apparently I haven't quite lost my lucky timing touch yet... 

..on a side note, I'm not terribly sure why people are still clicking. o.O This blog hasn't been truly updated since.. well.. since the start of the year. Funny how that works. Moving, getting married, and moving again will do that to a person. Not to mention all the other crazy events that have happened in my life since then.

Welp, time to patch up and see what's new in the world. Maybe make a few old posts of my fav Orpesia days way-back-when? The midnight boss runs? The conspicuous loot? The epic CW battles? The political intrigue? Scandal? And general sneakery?

Nahhhh.. no-body wants to read that.. maybe after I remember the control buttons and.. how to fix these god-awful in-game resolution settings..