September 29, 2010

Pansy River - I mean Rio.

Mwahahahahaha.. I am just tired enough I shouldn't be making a post, and just awake enough to be stubborn and make one anyway.

In my quest for twin Trump blunts, (after finding a bargain of Mysterious Powders one night) the Family found itself 9x short on Mega Talt needed to craft both tickets. Recalling an earlier event where a passer-by recruited our help for farming Mega Talts in Interchange 1's, we found that Spotlight 1's aren't too shabby either. 12-15 talt a round isn't too bad. It's actually better than what they were finding in the Interchanges.

Also found out - Spotlight 2's don't give any Mega Talt. -.- Just more MM fodder to sell.

The Family's fourth and fifth trumps were crafted earlier this week. Also - Vet Ania + dual Trump blunts = scary yet fun to watch. I can't wait to test it out during CW sometime. I'll also be looking forward to when she eventually reaches Expert. Also - Italy's (Fighter) Defender stance damage shouldn't suck so badly now. I know Defender isn't a damage intensive stance, but.. still.. when the 'best thing available' was an 84 blunt with only an undead mod at Expert, damage was very VERY pathetic.

- - - - -

The leveling fiasco has continued. Dawn (Claire) has reached Lv 100. She hasn't been promoted to Vet yet as I'm not sure what to do with her at the moment. I've read that apparently she should have points in Str for Greatsword, or into Dex for cannons. Issue is - I'm not sure which I want to focus on. On one hand she is the only one of two UPCs who can use cannons. But.. there's something adorable about her causing damage with a sword that's bigger than she is. And comedic. And scary. Like Ania.

Caelan - as the title implies - is now the 'pansy' of the Family. While trying to diligently level him to Vet for his Serenade stance, Caelan seemed more interested in dozing off at random intervals instead. Found out that the quest for acquiring Serenade requires entry into Occulta as well, so maybe it's a good thing the family hasn't managed to enter quite yet.. Sitting at 81, he's got 19 more levels to go until then, however.

Oh, and Niyone apparently makes for an excellent 'stay alive or else' motivator. Since her addition to the plvling team, Caelan's yet to attempt dozing once. :P

September 26, 2010

Moar Vets!

Well it's been a productive (albeit boring) past few days. Xaele (Ania) reached Veteran, and a day and many many skeletons later so did Isabel (Helena). Overnight Isa worked on maxing Forgotten Magic with Emanuel (Wiz) who worked on and maxed Anathema, and also finally Levitation! Almost went and got him Incantation buuut.. even with the MM I still would've been short the Mega Ioniums needed. It can wait.

I found out that Fire Isle.. as much as I like the place - unless you have a large portion of a map all to yourself - it's a bit overrated. While leveling Xaele the last leg to Vet, she was only getting about 30% an hour in 500k. Moving into a hot spot in Skele, her exp shot up to 50-60% instead. Guess where Helena finished leveling..  ^^;

Xaele, Emanuel, and Isabel. ..they mostly got along..

I'm.. kind of running out of characters I want to level. Yes, I have a lot I can level up to Veteran - but there aren't that many that I actually want to play. For the meantime, it seems it is now Dawn (Claire) and Caelan's (Rio) turn. After that? Hmm.. well.. I guess I'll just have to resume leveling Expert.

Crafting needed Trumps might also need to sit aside for now.. well, at least until the Family gets more funds. They do possess a small hoard of Bellem Boxes, however. Hmmmmmm....~

September 24, 2010

Time Goes By.. So Slowly

Whoo... dramatics.

It's been interesting the last few days to see where other former clan members are going. It seems a number of them are reforming in a clan called Last.Order which.. I'm hesitant about pm'ing about. What can I say? I browsing my options.. Saw another former clannie broading, asking about what clans were recruiting currently. I pm'ed them and got a little information. I wasn't intending on looking that info up, but when I saw the broad it was too perfect an opportunity to mooch off a little ^^; I don't think I'll try pm'ing anyone until after next week's maint, however. Not sure the use of finding a clan you can join, if you still can't join it yet.

- - - - -

In other news, after getting Xaele(Ania) and Isabel(Helena) up to their late 80's - and partially to my annoyance at how slow non-AA places feel now - Xaele has been paired up with Victoria(Grace) and Anwen(Romina) for the last leg of her leveling to Vet in Fire Isle. Only about 6 levels to go currently.. ie: about 18 hours.. Merg.
Isabel will take Xaele's place once she hits Vet.

- - - - -

While training, once Xaele hit 84 she was able to have two blunts to equip. I do like the Combatant stance quite a lot.. save I've pulled oooone small blooper. While upgrading some skills, I moved all to lv 9 before deciding what ones to max/not max. Now I have to pick between either maxing Shoulder Charge, or Rolling Thunder and Battle Smash. They're all at level 9 and I only have two points left. Shoulder takes two, Rolling and Battle take one each. Help?

- - - - -

Other than that, nothing of really any interest has happened much. Though on one hand I am enjoying the peace and quiet, I'm also starting to miss having a clan-full of people to poke too. But I am considering Team Area one of these nights..

Oh - and the Red Tickets are calling me once again.. and so is my lack of Talt. ;~;

September 22, 2010

A Neverending War

So it seems it's that time for Maint again. So far since my last update the Family decided to open the mysterious AM boxes recieved from the heavenly G1-Cresius and G1-Fynlo. The four boxes in total yielded  10 AMs Boosts, 100 Hermes Potions, and~ *drumroll* Otite Perfume!!! Now I know the last item is crap for a lot of players, but.. Los Toldos has yet to be explored.. and I wasn't wanting to spend the gold to buy one from the Bazaar. xD

In the meantime, I've said 'screw it' to trying to AFK my Experts in any place decent level. They can level actively in plenty of places.. even farm Katovic just fine.. but put them at AFK? They'll all be dead in under 15 minutes. Methinks.. I really.. really need to get some e92's.

In light of above complaint, I decided to finally cave and level some of my favorite UPCs. At current that would mean: Xaele (Ania), and Isabel (Helena). Starting at 66 the other day they're at the early 80's now.. I know it had been decided to wait until I had aquired Nar before leveling Ania more but.. she's just so pretty! I couldn't resist.. ^^; Isabel on the other hand has mastered Evocation Fire and Lightning in preparation for Vet, and Ice isn't far behind. Next to-be freshly minted vets? I do think so~

- - - - -

In other news, it seems the clan I've been in has died - and quite rapidly at that. I've avoided listing the clan for a while for reasons preferential and practical. A main one being that the 'who was where vs who' in the adventures I post isn't nearly as important as the 'what happened, how?' and so is frequently omitted. But considering they're a fairly well-known clan on Orpesia, I would at least relay what I know of it's fate.

That clan would be OompaLoompa.

It was lively when I joined not long ago, with lots of chatter and a number of people online at any hour. For a while I couldn't understand anything that was said, but it got better with time and there was always someone willing to translate. CW was fun, and even the few raids I got to join in on before it ended. Even if we only all died.. repeatedly.

A few weeks ago the leader suddenly left the clan, parting with well-wishes to the rest of us. Leadership hop-scotched a bit, and was finally settled by vote. The elected also vanished offline not long after. I don't know why this is, and I'm sure all had their reasons. I'm not here to point fingers, only to report what's been done.

In the past week, especially since the last CW (the one that didn't happen) the number of remaining members dwindled rapidly. After pm'ing one of them, I was told that the new leader had apparently quit. Logging back in tonight I found nearly all of the active members that had been there earlier had also left, including the deputies. If that isn't a sign to go, I don't know what is. So, with that I also left. I'm not sure who all remains, but there aren't very many.

- - - - -

But here's to future adventures, and in a week.. Clan Hunting very well might begin..

Ps. Sleeping-pill clan.. enjoy your perm war. ^///^ Fufufufufu~

September 18, 2010

Small Update

Well, this post will be a bit early tonight. Colony Wars is only part way through, but tonight I have nothing to do for it. Apparently we're not participating in it this week, which is a bit disappointing. What can I say? I like my two hours of getting re-blended into a bloody pulp. Why? 'Cause at some point I get to return the favor to some hapless family - several times. And it's worth every point of damage too. Ah well, at least there is always next week to look forward too!

In other news~
- Margaret (Ele) Has leveled the Domination stances enough to where all the skills are maxed, save for Ice. The stances themselves aren't maxed, but that'll come with time. Novia is only a matter of time, now.
- Anwen (Romina) reached Vet lv 2 while mooching exp from Mei (Soso) and Margaret.
- Opened some Elite Treasure Boxes and five Ethereal Chests that were injected into accounts recently. In total I got from the Boxes:
  • 2 Lv 100 Enchantment Chips
  • 6 Lv 96 Enchantment Chips
From the Chests:
  • 50 Great Stones
  • 1 Socket Flux
  • 1 Symbol of Sagittarius (Helloooo Equites!!!)

I was a bit surprised to see a Symbol in there, but I was half expecting one all the same. But still good news!

Got snagged by a random passer-by. He was looking for someone to do Interchange 1's with him for Mega Talt. I lost count how many we did but the Family came away with about 100 in total. Good for trumps! I was just starting to run low too.. Another bonus was finding an Ararat Ring for Jillian (Viki), two Castor Swords, two Castor Guards, and a Pollux Guard. Now I need to be able to get into Los Toldos (it is there, right?) and fetch me a few vindictive stones. Fufufufu~ I smell e92's in the future.

Today also had an event! G1-Cresius summoned Vergo a few times out in Old Port. At least three times, from what I saw. He had nerfed stats, virtually 4 DR, and some XXm hp. After much lag, and much spam, (and a bit of patience) the Family walked away with two AM boxes. What do these do? I have no idea.

September 15, 2010

Tales of Errac (Part 1?)

So after a very very long delay (it's been some time since the Family gained entrance to Errac), and with the crafting of a few trumps and Italy's (Fighter) promotion to Expert, the group returned to Errac to farm Rhodolites and hopefully - a few runes as well.

After acquiring the needed 50 Rhodolites for the Captain (read: Found 2, bought 48 - ..what? They were cheap!) he commended our survival and took us to Chief Haman.

 Such a warm welcome..

 Now this woman.. I'm not entirely sure what to make of her thus far. Going to the Entrance Guard for advice, he too told us that she is indeed a scary woman, but she also has a definite penchant for shiny things. Shiny things that also happen to be spendy as well, naturally.

Upon Mr. EG's advice we returned to our current home in Reboldeux and purchased an Elemental Jewel. At 10m each they're spendy little buggers. Returning to Errac Niyone (Scout) showed the gift to EG, and he quickly approved (he was speechless) of the gem. Brought into the Chief's presence once more by the Captain, Niyone presented the Jewel and waited anxiously for Haman's opinion. In short, she approved! Well, long answer is she did like the color. And that even someone 'as puny' as our family 'have something useful'. Acknowledging we deserved her attention, she sent us off to meet with her warriors.. Huzzah!!! Wait.. sending our 'puny' selves to meet her warriors is good... right? Gulp.

Inhibitions aside, our Diplomat spoke with Nar. Now.. Nar is a huge warrior. I'm pretty sure he makes Claude look scrawny. Meeting him he advised the Family follow the laws of the land to survive, and informed that the name of the Captain from earlier was Khan, and were warned to touch not break or steal anything - or we'll be dealing with Nar personally. Not even touch? Heh.. uh oh.. his warning was a bit too late on that one..

Told you he was huge.

With the warning of the creatures outside, he also gave a warning of what would happen if we failed to help defend the village. The Family never realized at the time until later, how foreshadowing this was going to soon be.

No sooner had this chat happened when suddenly monsters from outside attacked! Italy, Jisket and Niyone were rushed outside with Nar to help defend the village.. which oddly turned more into keeping poor (squishie..?!) Nar alive. Italy was agast at his mediocre stats (55/55 AR/DR? Out here? Really..?) and Niyone's attempts to persuade him away from the fight were unsuccessful, so the fight commenced! Stubborn, stubborn Nar insisted on fighting (he was a Warrior, after all) and the only way to drag him out of harm's way was to have Italy draw any mob near him away to the side of the field. Nar actually died a few times, but apparently Erracian's get amnesia upon death, as he didn't seem to remember any of our failures.. but on the upside..


Resuming our 'casual' conversation, we found these are frequent events. We were also told of another Warrior in the village, a - and I quote - 'a beautiful lady called 'Ania'...' ..mmmmmhm, we see what's going on here. Timing couldn't have been better, for while Nar was chatting it up with the foreign ladies Ania apparently got stuck in a rush by these monsters outside the village.

 Of course you do..

Now, Lady Ania is no stranger to this small family. Joining our ranks around the same time as Isabel (Hellena) she took on the name Xaele. While Andre has apparently expressed interest in meeting the unusual lady (something to do with clothes... or so he says), it's been decided to wait until Nar can be persuaded to also join before training for her commences further.

Defending Ania was much like helping save Nar, though fortunately for Ania she managed to survive on the first try... but while on the field, lo and behold what did we find? A pair of glasses.. Nar spazzed at seeing them, noticed they were Lorenzo's (while still spazzing) and then told us to throw them away because they were old. Right. Thinking of dear Emilia back in Port Coimbra, the glasses were delivered to her instead.

Poor Emilia! She cried upon receiving them, knowing they were from her father. With much gratitude, apparently the mourning girl also is convinced it was a sign to keep going. But apparently.. asking Nar about the glasses hadn't been such a good idea after all..

The trio returned to Errac and were confronted by the Captain. He had been given a report that while the village (and the 'beautiful lady' known as Ania) was under attack, the Alzeda Family stood by like spectators at a boxing match and just watched the flayed flesh fly. The guy was pissed, and immediately banished us.

As Nar stepped in, a murmured whisper betrayed the truth. The glasses had provoked him and had brought back 'a piece of the past' that he wanted to hide, and keep hidden. He'd lied to the Captain about the Family's role in saving Ania. Just one curious thought.. why didn't Ania defend us?

But no - apparently mere 'banishment' wasn't good enough for a group of foreign visitors! 'Kill the Kobold Crouches and Elders' the Captain told us (more or less). If we return alive, the Family will be pardoned. Dias had already turned to Noche by that time, but the terms of our pardoning only complicated one little thing..

Occulta requires runes to enter..

..and I'm pretty sure offering a sacrifice isn't going to get us any.

Well ..maybe.


Okay, so now that I'm back home and have time on my side again, time for those little updates I wanted to put up before!
In Short:
- Found out that the lv 100 shotty I got recently also glows by itself. I want more glowies. ^^;
- Tried out pvp for the first time. Learned that Mighty Cruz > Lv 15 Defender. Also - first to skill/strike first wins. We'll see how it goes once Defender is maxed, however ^_~
- Was found (and thrashed) by Katovic's Giant Avalanche Apparition. Reviving and returning with friends, the Apparition became thrashed instead.
- Defeated Golden Bat! Two of them actually. Needless to say, Italy found the value of full Food Packs in the Capybara Plantation, Capybara Keys, those funky reward chests.. and.. Brain of Bat?
- Got some friendly advice on Expert stances. Italy (Fighter) will be getting both Hanging Guard and Equites when possible. Anwen (Romina) will just have to wait until she can get Equites.. Speaking of which..
- Got thoroughly OWNED by a map boss in Katovic, and not in the 'smeared into itty bitty bloody bits' way either. (More below.)
- Accidentally found a side quest for Gracielo. Two, actually. (Look near bottom.)

A Mild Pic-Spam of Events!!!

The Family's 3rd Trump, El Sol. Given to Margaret (Ele) while her protege Isabel (Hellena) looked on.

The family has recently been struck with a sudden (seemingly contagious) case of narcolepsy. Here Italy is caught dozing under a particularly bushy tree. Although a clan we're in a perm-war with is also suspected of slipping them sleeping pills. Our Zinnia(Caly) was more than happy to return the gifting to a few unsuspecting Enemy Clan Members! On that note: Invis Grace/Musk with Flintlock is an excellent idea.

The earlier mentioned Black Wisteria Costume for Zinnia. <3

Probably one of my now most favorite moments in Sword2. The Family found Elmorc while farming in Katovic earlier. After downing the boss once before the family was feeling pretty confident in taking him down a second time. Several minutes (and several Soul Crystals (due to Italy) later) Mr. Map Boss made the below announcement to the trio, and promptly vanished!!!!

There was a small measure of QQ'ing that happened after that. I'm pretty sure Italy vowed revenge now that she's an Expert. I lol'd. I do believe I have a new favorite boss.

No new CW news from last Saturday. I was able to join for a bit. Lost both our colonies. One perm-warring clan (we had two at the start) truced, and other is still warring with us. I'm looking forward to this following Saturday. And Equites. I want Equites, badly. xD
- - - - -

Excellent news! Now that Italy is Expert, the Family can successfully farm Errac! With Italy, Jisket, and Niyone (Fig/Musk/Sco) it is now possible to kill of Dias mobs.. and not die in the process! They aren't exceptionally fast, but they don't take forever and a half to kill off the mobs either. After finding another Rhodolite, and some cloths.. (not sure what they're for yet), and stumbling upon a bargain in the MM the trio acquired 50 Rhodolite pieces and commenced the Errac questline.. more on that in a future post. ^^

Any my current endeavor:
...defeating Lady Novia.

Ran a few test runs on Novia and learned a few things:
- She hurts.
- Her minions hurt more.
- Invisibility is indispensable.

That's all I have for now, I'll be making another post on my adventures in Errac (it's worth enough to have it's own post), so until then! ~Alze.

September 10, 2010


Alright, now. Initially I had a long post and a lot of things I wanted to put up and tell about, and the more I went through my screenshots, the more I found I wanted to share! But alas, for the moment I'm a bit tight on time so they'll have to wait until next week. But I did want to share this...

Italy finally made Expert!!!

It took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but I've succeeded in the one goal that most of my future progress has been hinging on. Maybe later I'll put up the other pics I wanted to add, but for now a mini goal update!

The updates:
- Tried STo a second time with a clanmate. Made it to the second floor, downed one Betelgeuse. The other two teamed up and made mincemeat out of us. ^^; 
- Crafted the Family's 3rd Trump, El Sol for Margaret (Elementalist).
- Experted Italy ^^ - also significantly leveled her Defender Stance.

The goals:
- Level stances for Italy (Defender) for Errac Questline.
- Level Margaret's Domination Fire/Ice/Lightning Stances
- Get Incantation for Emanuel (Wiz)
- Buy those Rhodolite! (ie: Prepare for Errac Questline)

And also thought I would share what I thought was a neat pic of Zinnia.

On that note, also got a Black Wisteria Costume for her today. ^^ But sleep now, moar news later!


September 6, 2010

Italy haz a pretty!

Something I just found out about that Daemon Sword I got from the Circus run earlier today..

 It. Freaking. Glows.

This completely ups the 'leveling Great Sword stances' appeal, as I do believe my night just became that much more awesome. <3 I have a such a weakness for anything auto-glowy. ^^;;

Team Arena!!!

I could make three full-length posts for all the things that've gone on since my last upday, but I'll try to be brief. ^^;;

Since last time:
- Bought a +3DR e84 leather, upgraded it to +6 myself.
- Mei (Soso) reached veteran.
- Katovic farming has been found profitable! Half way done with soup quest.
- Decided I will be crafting a trump LoE once MP's are a decent price again.
- Fought Elmorc for the first time with a clanmate and won.
- Tried STo, farmed for hour and a half, only got one key.
- Seriously purged my inventory. I think I turned some 50+ items into chips. I have room again! (Thank you for motivation, hoard of Katovic items..)
- Crafted second trump, a pistol for Jisket (musk). Her AR went up by 2! (How sad is that? xD)

- - - - -

I completely missed CW yesterday night. Real life interviened and more important matters required my attention. While I was gone, the clan gained two colonies! Last week (due to perma-warring?) they left the Royalist faction, and so now have joined the Republicans. Good news? We can't die from the perm war outside of CW.. which is fine, I guess.. if you're really bothered by a six-person clan. o.O I haven't seen a one of them outside of CW, but then again I'm not a high level Expert/Master either. On that note, Schiavona still only has 11 people.. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I'm opting for good..?

 Revisited Errac, found out that Dias easily slays the Ele, and Noche slays the tank. Then again, they were both vets. An Expert trio of Scout, Musk, Grace seems to do.. not too shabby. As long as nothing reckless is done, they don't die.. much. Still takes forever to kill a group. On that note, I found my first Rhodolite! And first Te rune! 1/50 and 1/5 done, 49 and 4 left to go.. x.x Ele would be useful, if only her AR was above 55. Hence next trump: El Sol.

Clan attempted Lightning Gate but eventually most/all of us got lost. I think our leader did too. Lots of death. I know three families persevered and made it to 2nd floor.. but did they make it to where the boss spawned? No idea. I was back in Skele AA.
- - - - -

Today was a fun one. In short: got to go help kill off the bosses from our two Colonies, and I got some decent drops from it too. Immediately after I joined for my first Circus run! I took Niyone (scout) along with, being so far she'd have the best odds of surviving. She mostly buffed/rezzed the other three clanmates, though was a bit hampered since she doesn't have her Expert stance yet. After divvying up the loot, several members gathered together for Fire Gate!

As you can see, it was more death. A lot more death. Leader dc'd - and he had the orbs, soo...
- - - - -

Off we went to Team Arena! Now I've never done TA before, and had little idea how it worked beyond what I've read in threads and guides. Don't get me wrong, guides are helpful, but they just don't compare to actually getting in and trying it. Drops were distributed by request/fc. I must say TA is.. really fun.

All in all, after a bit of recent QQ'ing over lack of funds (and lack of fun ways to get funds - farming Katovic doesn't count) the Family is in much better spirits now. In total they earned several e84 weapons, a couple recipes including a green circus ticket, 2-3 rough stones, a lv 100 shotty, and a lv 100 Great Sword (w/a +2AR no less) making it the first 32 AR (total) weapon owned. Also got several 88, 92, 96, and a couple lv 100 chips. Those will be sold in the MM for profit/gear. As my chipping luck.. leaves a lot to be desired.

- - - - -
New To-do:
- Do moar TA, learn to Solo.
- Try STo again
- Craft El Sol
- Sell chips for vis, buy e92 armor w/+3 DR already on it. +5/6 not necessary.
- Get going on those Ele stances!
- Fighter.. is she Expert yet?

September 1, 2010


This week so far has been rather productive. Cove (M'Boma) reached Veteran, and a few hours paired with Emanuel (Wiz) procured some Golden Apples and several Cabbages. Now that I have two levitating chars, I want a third, I want my deadly farming trio! On that note, Reckless Emilia gets levitation, so I believe I'll just save the spot for her. ^^

Finally decided to promote Jillian (Viki) to Veteran. He's been sitting at 100 for next to forever, but I believe I may have a use for him once again. No Testis stance yet, too spendy. I have better, more impending uses for those Mega ores than to use on one quest.

Pearl (Karlajain) is now 100! Maint delayed the achievement, so she hit 100 a few hours after. Torben (Jack) reached 100 just before maint. Also found some very very cheap Mysterious Powders in the MM (under 900k each!!), bought a few Amrita for 4m each (owie) and crafted a red ticket. So now..

Dun dun dun!!! The first of many, I'm sure. ^^;;

I've seen a definite increase in damage with the new polearm, so Italy (Fighter) has resumed training to Expert in Skele AA. She should reach Expert by sometime this weekend.

New goals!
- Expert Italy
- Vet Mei (Soso) in preparation for MMA quest
- On that note, craft/acquire trump knuckle or gaiter
- Acquire a (much needed) e84 3DR leather. +6 if possible, upgrade if necessary.
- Check out Secret Tower
- Complete quests AKA: ..hello Novia?