September 24, 2010

Time Goes By.. So Slowly

Whoo... dramatics.

It's been interesting the last few days to see where other former clan members are going. It seems a number of them are reforming in a clan called Last.Order which.. I'm hesitant about pm'ing about. What can I say? I browsing my options.. Saw another former clannie broading, asking about what clans were recruiting currently. I pm'ed them and got a little information. I wasn't intending on looking that info up, but when I saw the broad it was too perfect an opportunity to mooch off a little ^^; I don't think I'll try pm'ing anyone until after next week's maint, however. Not sure the use of finding a clan you can join, if you still can't join it yet.

- - - - -

In other news, after getting Xaele(Ania) and Isabel(Helena) up to their late 80's - and partially to my annoyance at how slow non-AA places feel now - Xaele has been paired up with Victoria(Grace) and Anwen(Romina) for the last leg of her leveling to Vet in Fire Isle. Only about 6 levels to go currently.. ie: about 18 hours.. Merg.
Isabel will take Xaele's place once she hits Vet.

- - - - -

While training, once Xaele hit 84 she was able to have two blunts to equip. I do like the Combatant stance quite a lot.. save I've pulled oooone small blooper. While upgrading some skills, I moved all to lv 9 before deciding what ones to max/not max. Now I have to pick between either maxing Shoulder Charge, or Rolling Thunder and Battle Smash. They're all at level 9 and I only have two points left. Shoulder takes two, Rolling and Battle take one each. Help?

- - - - -

Other than that, nothing of really any interest has happened much. Though on one hand I am enjoying the peace and quiet, I'm also starting to miss having a clan-full of people to poke too. But I am considering Team Area one of these nights..

Oh - and the Red Tickets are calling me once again.. and so is my lack of Talt. ;~;

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