September 15, 2010


Okay, so now that I'm back home and have time on my side again, time for those little updates I wanted to put up before!
In Short:
- Found out that the lv 100 shotty I got recently also glows by itself. I want more glowies. ^^;
- Tried out pvp for the first time. Learned that Mighty Cruz > Lv 15 Defender. Also - first to skill/strike first wins. We'll see how it goes once Defender is maxed, however ^_~
- Was found (and thrashed) by Katovic's Giant Avalanche Apparition. Reviving and returning with friends, the Apparition became thrashed instead.
- Defeated Golden Bat! Two of them actually. Needless to say, Italy found the value of full Food Packs in the Capybara Plantation, Capybara Keys, those funky reward chests.. and.. Brain of Bat?
- Got some friendly advice on Expert stances. Italy (Fighter) will be getting both Hanging Guard and Equites when possible. Anwen (Romina) will just have to wait until she can get Equites.. Speaking of which..
- Got thoroughly OWNED by a map boss in Katovic, and not in the 'smeared into itty bitty bloody bits' way either. (More below.)
- Accidentally found a side quest for Gracielo. Two, actually. (Look near bottom.)

A Mild Pic-Spam of Events!!!

The Family's 3rd Trump, El Sol. Given to Margaret (Ele) while her protege Isabel (Hellena) looked on.

The family has recently been struck with a sudden (seemingly contagious) case of narcolepsy. Here Italy is caught dozing under a particularly bushy tree. Although a clan we're in a perm-war with is also suspected of slipping them sleeping pills. Our Zinnia(Caly) was more than happy to return the gifting to a few unsuspecting Enemy Clan Members! On that note: Invis Grace/Musk with Flintlock is an excellent idea.

The earlier mentioned Black Wisteria Costume for Zinnia. <3

Probably one of my now most favorite moments in Sword2. The Family found Elmorc while farming in Katovic earlier. After downing the boss once before the family was feeling pretty confident in taking him down a second time. Several minutes (and several Soul Crystals (due to Italy) later) Mr. Map Boss made the below announcement to the trio, and promptly vanished!!!!

There was a small measure of QQ'ing that happened after that. I'm pretty sure Italy vowed revenge now that she's an Expert. I lol'd. I do believe I have a new favorite boss.

No new CW news from last Saturday. I was able to join for a bit. Lost both our colonies. One perm-warring clan (we had two at the start) truced, and other is still warring with us. I'm looking forward to this following Saturday. And Equites. I want Equites, badly. xD
- - - - -

Excellent news! Now that Italy is Expert, the Family can successfully farm Errac! With Italy, Jisket, and Niyone (Fig/Musk/Sco) it is now possible to kill of Dias mobs.. and not die in the process! They aren't exceptionally fast, but they don't take forever and a half to kill off the mobs either. After finding another Rhodolite, and some cloths.. (not sure what they're for yet), and stumbling upon a bargain in the MM the trio acquired 50 Rhodolite pieces and commenced the Errac questline.. more on that in a future post. ^^

Any my current endeavor:
...defeating Lady Novia.

Ran a few test runs on Novia and learned a few things:
- She hurts.
- Her minions hurt more.
- Invisibility is indispensable.

That's all I have for now, I'll be making another post on my adventures in Errac (it's worth enough to have it's own post), so until then! ~Alze.

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