September 29, 2010

Pansy River - I mean Rio.

Mwahahahahaha.. I am just tired enough I shouldn't be making a post, and just awake enough to be stubborn and make one anyway.

In my quest for twin Trump blunts, (after finding a bargain of Mysterious Powders one night) the Family found itself 9x short on Mega Talt needed to craft both tickets. Recalling an earlier event where a passer-by recruited our help for farming Mega Talts in Interchange 1's, we found that Spotlight 1's aren't too shabby either. 12-15 talt a round isn't too bad. It's actually better than what they were finding in the Interchanges.

Also found out - Spotlight 2's don't give any Mega Talt. -.- Just more MM fodder to sell.

The Family's fourth and fifth trumps were crafted earlier this week. Also - Vet Ania + dual Trump blunts = scary yet fun to watch. I can't wait to test it out during CW sometime. I'll also be looking forward to when she eventually reaches Expert. Also - Italy's (Fighter) Defender stance damage shouldn't suck so badly now. I know Defender isn't a damage intensive stance, but.. still.. when the 'best thing available' was an 84 blunt with only an undead mod at Expert, damage was very VERY pathetic.

- - - - -

The leveling fiasco has continued. Dawn (Claire) has reached Lv 100. She hasn't been promoted to Vet yet as I'm not sure what to do with her at the moment. I've read that apparently she should have points in Str for Greatsword, or into Dex for cannons. Issue is - I'm not sure which I want to focus on. On one hand she is the only one of two UPCs who can use cannons. But.. there's something adorable about her causing damage with a sword that's bigger than she is. And comedic. And scary. Like Ania.

Caelan - as the title implies - is now the 'pansy' of the Family. While trying to diligently level him to Vet for his Serenade stance, Caelan seemed more interested in dozing off at random intervals instead. Found out that the quest for acquiring Serenade requires entry into Occulta as well, so maybe it's a good thing the family hasn't managed to enter quite yet.. Sitting at 81, he's got 19 more levels to go until then, however.

Oh, and Niyone apparently makes for an excellent 'stay alive or else' motivator. Since her addition to the plvling team, Caelan's yet to attempt dozing once. :P


  1. Did you mean the upcoming Prelude stance? The Serenade stance does not quite entry into Occulta.

  2. Mmmm.. I think you have a point. I just poked around Wiki again and it seems the stance titles are messed up.. ^^; On his profile it lists Serenade as the vet stance yet says the quest is for Prelude, yet if you go to the Prelude page it says Prelude is the Expert stance instead.. good catch though. I'm not sure which it's called now ^^;
    I just meant his vet stance xD being apparently its quest-dependent.