September 10, 2010


Alright, now. Initially I had a long post and a lot of things I wanted to put up and tell about, and the more I went through my screenshots, the more I found I wanted to share! But alas, for the moment I'm a bit tight on time so they'll have to wait until next week. But I did want to share this...

Italy finally made Expert!!!

It took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but I've succeeded in the one goal that most of my future progress has been hinging on. Maybe later I'll put up the other pics I wanted to add, but for now a mini goal update!

The updates:
- Tried STo a second time with a clanmate. Made it to the second floor, downed one Betelgeuse. The other two teamed up and made mincemeat out of us. ^^; 
- Crafted the Family's 3rd Trump, El Sol for Margaret (Elementalist).
- Experted Italy ^^ - also significantly leveled her Defender Stance.

The goals:
- Level stances for Italy (Defender) for Errac Questline.
- Level Margaret's Domination Fire/Ice/Lightning Stances
- Get Incantation for Emanuel (Wiz)
- Buy those Rhodolite! (ie: Prepare for Errac Questline)

And also thought I would share what I thought was a neat pic of Zinnia.

On that note, also got a Black Wisteria Costume for her today. ^^ But sleep now, moar news later!


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