September 6, 2010

Team Arena!!!

I could make three full-length posts for all the things that've gone on since my last upday, but I'll try to be brief. ^^;;

Since last time:
- Bought a +3DR e84 leather, upgraded it to +6 myself.
- Mei (Soso) reached veteran.
- Katovic farming has been found profitable! Half way done with soup quest.
- Decided I will be crafting a trump LoE once MP's are a decent price again.
- Fought Elmorc for the first time with a clanmate and won.
- Tried STo, farmed for hour and a half, only got one key.
- Seriously purged my inventory. I think I turned some 50+ items into chips. I have room again! (Thank you for motivation, hoard of Katovic items..)
- Crafted second trump, a pistol for Jisket (musk). Her AR went up by 2! (How sad is that? xD)

- - - - -

I completely missed CW yesterday night. Real life interviened and more important matters required my attention. While I was gone, the clan gained two colonies! Last week (due to perma-warring?) they left the Royalist faction, and so now have joined the Republicans. Good news? We can't die from the perm war outside of CW.. which is fine, I guess.. if you're really bothered by a six-person clan. o.O I haven't seen a one of them outside of CW, but then again I'm not a high level Expert/Master either. On that note, Schiavona still only has 11 people.. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I'm opting for good..?

 Revisited Errac, found out that Dias easily slays the Ele, and Noche slays the tank. Then again, they were both vets. An Expert trio of Scout, Musk, Grace seems to do.. not too shabby. As long as nothing reckless is done, they don't die.. much. Still takes forever to kill a group. On that note, I found my first Rhodolite! And first Te rune! 1/50 and 1/5 done, 49 and 4 left to go.. x.x Ele would be useful, if only her AR was above 55. Hence next trump: El Sol.

Clan attempted Lightning Gate but eventually most/all of us got lost. I think our leader did too. Lots of death. I know three families persevered and made it to 2nd floor.. but did they make it to where the boss spawned? No idea. I was back in Skele AA.
- - - - -

Today was a fun one. In short: got to go help kill off the bosses from our two Colonies, and I got some decent drops from it too. Immediately after I joined for my first Circus run! I took Niyone (scout) along with, being so far she'd have the best odds of surviving. She mostly buffed/rezzed the other three clanmates, though was a bit hampered since she doesn't have her Expert stance yet. After divvying up the loot, several members gathered together for Fire Gate!

As you can see, it was more death. A lot more death. Leader dc'd - and he had the orbs, soo...
- - - - -

Off we went to Team Arena! Now I've never done TA before, and had little idea how it worked beyond what I've read in threads and guides. Don't get me wrong, guides are helpful, but they just don't compare to actually getting in and trying it. Drops were distributed by request/fc. I must say TA is.. really fun.

All in all, after a bit of recent QQ'ing over lack of funds (and lack of fun ways to get funds - farming Katovic doesn't count) the Family is in much better spirits now. In total they earned several e84 weapons, a couple recipes including a green circus ticket, 2-3 rough stones, a lv 100 shotty, and a lv 100 Great Sword (w/a +2AR no less) making it the first 32 AR (total) weapon owned. Also got several 88, 92, 96, and a couple lv 100 chips. Those will be sold in the MM for profit/gear. As my chipping luck.. leaves a lot to be desired.

- - - - -
New To-do:
- Do moar TA, learn to Solo.
- Try STo again
- Craft El Sol
- Sell chips for vis, buy e92 armor w/+3 DR already on it. +5/6 not necessary.
- Get going on those Ele stances!
- Fighter.. is she Expert yet?

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