September 26, 2010

Moar Vets!

Well it's been a productive (albeit boring) past few days. Xaele (Ania) reached Veteran, and a day and many many skeletons later so did Isabel (Helena). Overnight Isa worked on maxing Forgotten Magic with Emanuel (Wiz) who worked on and maxed Anathema, and also finally Levitation! Almost went and got him Incantation buuut.. even with the MM I still would've been short the Mega Ioniums needed. It can wait.

I found out that Fire Isle.. as much as I like the place - unless you have a large portion of a map all to yourself - it's a bit overrated. While leveling Xaele the last leg to Vet, she was only getting about 30% an hour in 500k. Moving into a hot spot in Skele, her exp shot up to 50-60% instead. Guess where Helena finished leveling..  ^^;

Xaele, Emanuel, and Isabel. ..they mostly got along..

I'm.. kind of running out of characters I want to level. Yes, I have a lot I can level up to Veteran - but there aren't that many that I actually want to play. For the meantime, it seems it is now Dawn (Claire) and Caelan's (Rio) turn. After that? Hmm.. well.. I guess I'll just have to resume leveling Expert.

Crafting needed Trumps might also need to sit aside for now.. well, at least until the Family gets more funds. They do possess a small hoard of Bellem Boxes, however. Hmmmmmm....~

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