October 31, 2011

When Lady Luck says "Rain"...

This weekend after a very busy week IRL, the Family was able to attend two weekend Halloween events. They seemed laggier than the Oktoberfest events, and it was still quite a wait to get our prize boxes from G1's Fynlo and Cresius, but overall well worth it.

The total tally from both Saturday's and Sundays events prize boxes are as follows.

10 AM Boxes (5 from each day)

3 Citadel of the Gods pases (1 day)
10 socket flux
10 shiny crystal chests (2557 total)
10 AMs boosts
40 vet chips
1 const box (Aries)
1 magic leather belt rec
1 elite schiv armor rec

10 Jeepers creepers boxes
2 pumpkin hat
12 reventant temp back costumes -.-
20 red lollis
20 pink lollis
1 witch hat

The day before this the Family was granted 1 GQ spod and 2 GQ obs in a row from the exchanger, and more recently won an fc for an elb scout recipe. From the halloween in-game quest event, the Family has acquired an assortment of rings including Barsel, Prelude, Principal, Logistics, Rouse, Croissment, and several Occultism, Death Chopping skill rings just to mention a few. Needless to say the Family has been thoroughly relishing this event. Granted the yeilds from the AM boxes, it seems a lot of crafting is in the near future.

Alze note: On a side note, these are totally the kind of reports that make me want to rage quit some days. On the flipside, these sort of memories are also what keeps me going. On a funny note about that magic belt rec - I don't even *have* a belt. I smell crafting shenanigans. Lulz. Until later.


October 3, 2011


I think I'm going to be taking a partial break from this game. Not that I'll completely leave for a time, but rather I've about had it with trying to level my higher lv chars and gear them. With the streak of bad luck chipping/selling chips/raid drops coupled with a number of fail runs in the very recent past in a number of different raids, I've just plum run out of energy to keep pushing myself and pursuing a loftier goal.

For instance, I've gone through 70+ chips on my xbow and not once gotten any sensible stat. By that I mean a stat that wasn't poison, stun, or some sort of ele/mental atk. Some had only speed, never saw even one atk % stat. Not even a low atk/low speed combo. I even tried using EBs at one point - 15 chips of solid poison/stun/ele/mental atk stats.. and absolutely nothing useful.

These are chips that have been tested on 5 or so seperate occasions. In my experience if you use about 10 or so chips, and get a hint of something good - you can get a good combo within a few chips more. Finding only junk stats you won't get anything at that time, try some other time/map/channel. This time has been nothing but the same for over a week.

A crafted golden feet for Soso chipped the same way. Fortunately I had the sense to stop on the best mod I'd yet to see after xx chips - 27% atk speed. That's it. /rant

Instead (as pushing myself is only draining my already meager interest and morale) I will be leveling nub chars to vet, farming shinies, selling starters, and doing other nabbish things. Screw this trying to chip 32AR weps and sell chips for elb funding. I've had it. I'm done.

Until later