September 22, 2010

A Neverending War

So it seems it's that time for Maint again. So far since my last update the Family decided to open the mysterious AM boxes recieved from the heavenly G1-Cresius and G1-Fynlo. The four boxes in total yielded  10 AMs Boosts, 100 Hermes Potions, and~ *drumroll* Otite Perfume!!! Now I know the last item is crap for a lot of players, but.. Los Toldos has yet to be explored.. and I wasn't wanting to spend the gold to buy one from the Bazaar. xD

In the meantime, I've said 'screw it' to trying to AFK my Experts in any place decent level. They can level actively in plenty of places.. even farm Katovic just fine.. but put them at AFK? They'll all be dead in under 15 minutes. Methinks.. I really.. really need to get some e92's.

In light of above complaint, I decided to finally cave and level some of my favorite UPCs. At current that would mean: Xaele (Ania), and Isabel (Helena). Starting at 66 the other day they're at the early 80's now.. I know it had been decided to wait until I had aquired Nar before leveling Ania more but.. she's just so pretty! I couldn't resist.. ^^; Isabel on the other hand has mastered Evocation Fire and Lightning in preparation for Vet, and Ice isn't far behind. Next to-be freshly minted vets? I do think so~

- - - - -

In other news, it seems the clan I've been in has died - and quite rapidly at that. I've avoided listing the clan for a while for reasons preferential and practical. A main one being that the 'who was where vs who' in the adventures I post isn't nearly as important as the 'what happened, how?' and so is frequently omitted. But considering they're a fairly well-known clan on Orpesia, I would at least relay what I know of it's fate.

That clan would be OompaLoompa.

It was lively when I joined not long ago, with lots of chatter and a number of people online at any hour. For a while I couldn't understand anything that was said, but it got better with time and there was always someone willing to translate. CW was fun, and even the few raids I got to join in on before it ended. Even if we only all died.. repeatedly.

A few weeks ago the leader suddenly left the clan, parting with well-wishes to the rest of us. Leadership hop-scotched a bit, and was finally settled by vote. The elected also vanished offline not long after. I don't know why this is, and I'm sure all had their reasons. I'm not here to point fingers, only to report what's been done.

In the past week, especially since the last CW (the one that didn't happen) the number of remaining members dwindled rapidly. After pm'ing one of them, I was told that the new leader had apparently quit. Logging back in tonight I found nearly all of the active members that had been there earlier had also left, including the deputies. If that isn't a sign to go, I don't know what is. So, with that I also left. I'm not sure who all remains, but there aren't very many.

- - - - -

But here's to future adventures, and in a week.. Clan Hunting very well might begin..

Ps. Sleeping-pill clan.. enjoy your perm war. ^///^ Fufufufufu~

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