September 18, 2010

Small Update

Well, this post will be a bit early tonight. Colony Wars is only part way through, but tonight I have nothing to do for it. Apparently we're not participating in it this week, which is a bit disappointing. What can I say? I like my two hours of getting re-blended into a bloody pulp. Why? 'Cause at some point I get to return the favor to some hapless family - several times. And it's worth every point of damage too. Ah well, at least there is always next week to look forward too!

In other news~
- Margaret (Ele) Has leveled the Domination stances enough to where all the skills are maxed, save for Ice. The stances themselves aren't maxed, but that'll come with time. Novia is only a matter of time, now.
- Anwen (Romina) reached Vet lv 2 while mooching exp from Mei (Soso) and Margaret.
- Opened some Elite Treasure Boxes and five Ethereal Chests that were injected into accounts recently. In total I got from the Boxes:
  • 2 Lv 100 Enchantment Chips
  • 6 Lv 96 Enchantment Chips
From the Chests:
  • 50 Great Stones
  • 1 Socket Flux
  • 1 Symbol of Sagittarius (Helloooo Equites!!!)

I was a bit surprised to see a Symbol in there, but I was half expecting one all the same. But still good news!

Got snagged by a random passer-by. He was looking for someone to do Interchange 1's with him for Mega Talt. I lost count how many we did but the Family came away with about 100 in total. Good for trumps! I was just starting to run low too.. Another bonus was finding an Ararat Ring for Jillian (Viki), two Castor Swords, two Castor Guards, and a Pollux Guard. Now I need to be able to get into Los Toldos (it is there, right?) and fetch me a few vindictive stones. Fufufufu~ I smell e92's in the future.

Today also had an event! G1-Cresius summoned Vergo a few times out in Old Port. At least three times, from what I saw. He had nerfed stats, virtually 4 DR, and some XXm hp. After much lag, and much spam, (and a bit of patience) the Family walked away with two AM boxes. What do these do? I have no idea.

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