December 31, 2012

New Server, New Year

New Transfer, new host, new content, new opportunities, new characters..

So much new stuff!

New blog too, well, sort of. TAE is undergoing a major revamp in light of a contest ongoing in T3Fun's new forums (See Event 2). There are a number of ideas I've had floating around in my mind for months now, and this has been the final prod of opportunity to get them into motion. The overall look and theme of TAE won't change much, however the content and where it's seen will. The side bars will be completely revamped, and a lot of the current content taken out. Instead of a mass of family-specific information (ie: my hoard of characters) there'll be links instead.

The body of the blog will remain much the same, as posts on Family progress and game-specific guides will both be listed together, however a small mini-directory off to the right should help visitors in finding precisely what they're looking for. There will be a guide or two popping up in the next week, along with some pages to cater information specifically for the Castilla Server.

This isn't a terribly long post, as you can see. ^^;; It's no-where near my usual lengthy rambles (and much more upbeat than my last one), but sometimes something more 'bite-sized' is okay too.

Happy New Year everyone, and I'll see you next year!

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