October 6, 2010


Very very slow weekend game-wise, very busy weekend Life-wise = little to none active playing = even less things to share ^^;; unfortunately..

In-game Mei (Soso) has been soloing in Via Fluvial. I've forgotten how slow Vet leveling can feel after being spoiled in AA for a month. Yes, I know mine ended a while ago - but I'm still noticing it. xD About the most exciting thing that has happened thus far was getting killed by the Dream Blade Antelope while I was AFK at work. I found out about it.. oh.. some three hours later. I shall have my revenge!

And maybe get a symbol? *crosses fingers*

Next to that - Mei reached Vet Lv 3. I'm considering crafting a Trump knuckle so she can kill faster.. but I'm not entirely sold on the idea. She's killing just fine with a pio wep. Actually.. all I really need to craft one right now is more Mega Talt.. Hmm... >_>

- - - - -

Goal Updates
- Hunt up a clan for CW, raids, and chaos chattage.
- Get some e92 3DR.. +'s don't matter.. but a bonus.
- Farm Katovic for the rest of those Apples/Cabbages - sell extras
- Try to solo PY again - aka: Chimmy dps test v.2
- Revisit Novia...

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