October 20, 2010

Recap II

The week has been pretty silent. I know I haven't added a post in a while, and there's been reason for that. the main however is that most of the Family's time has been spent leveling up the lowbies! Been feeling a bit burnt-out on grinding with the Experts or Vets, coupled with re-finding an old game along with a number of guildies in it has resulted in the mass-leveling adventure currently taking place.

Thus far:
- Adelina, Idge, Claude, Andre, and Lorch have reached lv 80.
- Jose and Najib are currently 78

Once they're all lv 80 (I may add some more characters to that list at whim) I'll start leveling them up to 100. I won't Vet them until necessary. On the upside - all the leveling has been kind to the Family Level - as that too is gradually increasing as well. :D Whoo! Moar %'s to HP and ATK? yspls <3

- - - - -

I'm not in a huge hurry to get into Errac currently - I've heard after the uber patch of doom next month, it won't cost 5 runes to enter Occulta anymore. Given current rune hunting beats my Experts senseless and drags their sorry corpses across the map floor I'm in much, much more favor of waiting a few more weeks to complete those quests - get Nar - get that diary - and start working on those Expert stances than burning pots (and patience) hoping for 4 more drops of an item that Italy and Co. aren't even a decent level to farm drops for.

I just remember how much being a Vet sucked until I got some Vet stances, kind of like how Expert sucks right now. I currently can't AFK anywhere decent level without dying <15 minutes later. I'm hoping that like the Vet ones did for Bahamar, a few Exp stances will fix that for Katovic. *crosses fingers*

- - - - -

And to anyone reading.. (I know at least some of you do :P) ..if you have any grander advice.. do feel free to share. <3 I could use it.

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