August 29, 2010

The Weekly Carnage Report

Admittedly, I missed most of tonight's CW. Running errands in town for some much-needed new shoes (and food!) I returned in time for the last half hour of it. Turns out we lost our last remaining colony, and - once again - are in a perm war. With the same clan. Again. (Yaaaaaay~ >_>) On the upside of things, I managed to deal the deathblow to a Master! It was a collaborated effort between my Exp musk and Vet fighter to do so, but they were able to take the last chunk of hp away. It might sound petty to some, but considering I'm running with pio weapons and only Vet stances at best - I feel pretty accomplished whenever I can land some damage on a Master char in the first place. Even better? I did that twice.

Schiavona (*snerk* Sorry!) is up to 11 people now. Yes, I'm watching you. I'm watching you closely. I'm not sure who's all in it, but I've yet to see one Expert in their ranks at all. All Masters. I could be wrong, but.. cripes.. xD
- - - - -
In other news - Fighter is about half way to Expert, and I've been leveling Cove (M'Boma), Reina (Emilia), and Pearl (Karlajain), they're in their 8x's now. Cove and Pearl will be plvled by Grace and Romina (Yes, Romina - I need resses ^^) individually until Vet/Lv100. After finding a very cheap Domination Lightning Stance Book on the MM, their sister stances for Domination Ice and Fire were made and Margaret (Ele) learned all three. In spare/bored time she's been leveling them, trying out the new skills. New bracelets will definitely be on the 'want to get' list soon! Also got Defender for Italy(Fighter). People were right - it is really slow to level.

Also, while checking out Baha AA, I was just scouting out the KoC spawn spots for future reference when all of a sudden *dun*dun*dun* a certain message flashed across the screen.

Doing a 180 KoC was spotted little more than a few squares away. Italy went in and attacked first, drawing him to the wall where Jisket and Niyone waited. But once again - dissapointedly - they were thoroughly thwarted by the infamous 'regen'. They couldn't even put a dent into his hp - well - no dent that actually lasted more than a second or two - and that was with skill spamming!

Our valiant first attempt!

The family noted another family in waiting, and so turned the King's fate over to them. Tuckerman of Ethereal made relatively short work of him, and wished good luck to the trio for getting the 'right gear for it'. Upon request he offered some advice for good undead weapons, or expert melee (stances) and ET. Which for me, however, hinge on getting through Errac. ^^;;
- - - - -

The road to getting through Errac and acquiring Expert stances is hazy, but clearing up. I'll probably outline a more comprehensive plan later, but right now I need to get Pearl(Karlajain) to 100, Cove(M'Boma) to vet, and start farming those Cabbages/Golden Apples.

Considering Sword2's Level Up! Event going on, I'm strongly considering opting out. I probably could take a crack at it, and churn out 3 Masters with some all-nighters, coffee, and several trips to Caeb AA (SA?). But considering I'd have three masters with armor no better than e84 3DR, no Expert Stances (which I've heard are a bear to level at Master), let alone even Trump weapons (or a way to craft them) it may be best not to rush it. As much as I'd love to be Master by September and try to acquire Catherine Torsche, and Reckless Emilia the day they're released, I don't want to nerf myself over by needlessly rushing. Not to mention - those two ladies are tough. With sets of 69 and 67 AR/DR respectively - e84 isn't going to cut it - even at Master. :P

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