August 25, 2010

A Vague Plan

So, in order to get those Expert Stances I've been drooling over, beyond acquiring symbols, I need to finish the quest in Errac ie: get the old missing guy's Diary of 1517 or whatever year. Said diary is in occulta (apparently?) and to get into there I need either 5 Ti or Te runes. To get those I need to farm mobs in Errac.

This I can do.. I hope. I've heard other people have managed with only e84 armor (still hurts a ton) so, so can I.

Currently - I need to go through the sewers to get there (no warp saved atm), problem is door is locked by 'a magical force' or something. I've done the quests (been there before several times), nor is the Undertaker spawned in it's room.

I have no idea how I'm going to get in there.

..I wonder if the elections winner has done that one quest yet.. Hmm.... :/

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