August 18, 2010

First Expert!

Yesterday I finally got my first Expert. ^^ Between rl and maint/dc/random acts of nature I've slowly been running out of time to get all three to Expert before Friday night. Yes, yes, I know their Level Up event might be a bit frivolous to get into, but still - it's a deadline - and deadlines make for nice incentive xD

Anyway - fed my Musk (Jisket) whatever exp cards I had to get her to Expert, figuring the faster she reaches Expert, the sooner my Grace and Scout can get a better exp rate per hour - and also Expert sooner. I ended up giving Jisket some 60%+ in cards. Several were the 14m Vet G cards from quests, and about 90+ exp cards from the memorial in Skele AA. And voila!

Found out you apparently only get one stat 'point' (or 10, take your pick) instead of two when you advance to Expert. A little dissapointing, but not too much. I finally have an Expert :P Whooo!

- - - -

Right now I'm farming up earlier said Skele AA cards. After crunching a few numbers I realized there's a very good chance I'll run out of time in Experting my Scout, so time to farm a few up. It takes me about 15 minutes, and there's four quests, and each card gives about 0.1% ie: an extra 1.6% per hour. I'm saving them for when she reaches Lv 10 being Exp will be slowest then, but still. Figured between now and Friday night, I'll be able to farm up (very possibly) up to 50%-ish worth in Exp cards. Considering her current rate lands her at Experting at anywhere from 11pm Fri-4am Sat - I think I should be fine. xD

Got talking to some of the other clan members earlier and got a little advice. Now, in the last clan I was in and now my current one I tend to have a thing I call my 'noob question of the day'. Usually it's some silly little thing I feel I should've known eons ago but don't, or advice on leveling/bosses/equips/etc. Today I asked how far e84 armor will get me in terms of being an Expert. Apparently for leveling it'd be ok, but raids? Not so good. xD I was also advised to buy a trump pole and get my Vet Fighter to Expert, so that will be my project this weekend. The downside of this is I don't have all her Vet stances, nor will I have time to level them. That could be problematic in the future (maybe?) After I find a polearm, I won't have the resources to buy said stances either. Hmm..

I also got a word of advice to get some of my chars to Exp lv 4 (lv113) then get into a squad for Caeb SA and farm exp cards. However - I'm going to need to reach level 113 first! One step at a time, one step at a time.. right now I need to finish Experting my team.

- - - -

In other news I found a neat article to check out. It's in Japanese, and the Google translation is mediocre at best, but the screen shots are pretty. Go check it out. :)

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