August 22, 2010

A Goal Accomplished

Oy.. I have so much I could put on here, I'll try (try..? Ha~) try to keep it from becoming a miniature autobiography. From fresh-out-of-the-Master-Room Experts, to Katovic's cold quests, to Clan Wars.. I've got a bit to cover. ^^;;

First off - I did it! Victoria (Grace) hit Expert the other day with little difficulty, and Niyone (Scout).. oy.. by the skin of my teeth. She became Expert within an hour of the deadline - but I made it! By the time all was said and done I think I fed her some 400+ cards. Left my musk by the memorial, while Grace plvled my Scout in a mobby area far away. Made card farming very easy! All I had to do was just switch leaders and click. ie: Kneeling Shot ftw.

Splurged towards the end and got a 50% exp book (1 day), still had half left over so gave it to my fighter and she leveled overnight. Meanwhile I crashed, and was lazy for most of the following day. I was so glad I didn't have to return every 5hrs around the clock to refill bullets! Yes, that might sounds a little crazy, but dag nabbit - when I have a goal I'm going to get it! And get it I did. ^-^

- - - - -

Returning (eventually) I sent them off to explore Katovic and progressed in both the main questline (up to the soup) and while 50 of each item is going to take a while,  I'm looking forward to finishing it. I also made progress on Garcia's quest just up short of having to fight Novia (I only have to take off at least 50% her hp? Really? That's it??) and tried continuing Selva's but Elenore wouldn't react to the fact I finally had two hero seals. I wasn't up to the soup part at that time, so maybe that had something to do with it. I'll check again later. Discovered the famed golden apples and cabbages I've heard so much about, and several other oddities that (except said two items) I have no idea what they're used for but I suspect crafting. It included a Marksman's Magic Bullet and a Fragment of Ice. Also found a High Quality Belt recipe!

- - - - -

Been considering I should try the Caebolan questline, as (apparently?) it needs to be done to be able to get to Caeb AA/SA/whatever. I'm skeptical if this is true, but it gives me an excuse to throw my chars into mortal harm once again. >:D Speaking of which - as part of my 'Experted Trio' celebration, I paid a visit to Errac. Good news! I ran there and didn't get lost (for once)! Good news! I can kill Noche mobs and not die! Bad news! They mob you - you will die! Ugh D: Once again I am reminded I require better armor than I currently have. Then again given what I've heard - two groups mobbed at once - not sure many can survive that at all - given what I've heard about the place.

- - - - -

Clan wars was.. interesting as usual. Found out Schiavona (lol.. it's still funny to me) upped their ranks with four new additions, who are probably no less lethal than the rest of them, if I'm to wager any guesses. Found out from clannies that our Leader was gone traveling for a few days, so it was just us and the deputies against the raging hoards. Err.. hoard. Singular. Our sole colony was taken, and lo and behold who showed up around then than our very own Leader. He wasn't on long, just until the end of CW, but we waged war and stole at least one colony for ourselves. And - now - apparently - we're in a perm war with said clan we took the colony from. I don't know much about it, and I can only assume maybe they're sore that we won it from them, but yet again I can't even be sure who declared war upon who. Us or them? I've no idea. It's what I get for not paying attention to the server announcements. xD

On the bright side, I made two kills!!! Now for some this is piddly in CW, but it's a bit of a big deal for me. I was hoping being I now had Experts I could finally lay down some killing power, but it wasn't an Expert who got the kill at all - it was my Vet Fighter. Against an Expert. Twice. I don't understand it, but I'm not going to question it either. ^^;; If anything - I can just say I discovered the value in spamming the proper skills upon an enemy. Scary - I'm learning the sketchy sketchy basics of PVP beyond 'beat the other guy' and 'don't die'. Whoohoo!

- - - - -

Downside of this all is currently the servers are AWOL. So someone must've kicked the hamster cages - again. Don't think I'll be able to get back online tonight. Next up! Working on Experting my fighter, getting a trump polearm recipe I bought crafted, considering leveling Baek Ho, and my hunt for Expert Stances!

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