August 25, 2010

Ohai thar Maint

Leveling my fighter over the weekend hasn't progressed as much as I'd hoped. Currently she's at vet level 4, and exp isn't very fast. Well - it's decent - but it could be a lot better. Been keeping an eye out for an UD polearm *or* trump.. but no luck in either. Found a few nice UD polearms buuut.. either no speed mod (which I've been advised to get if going for that) or.. just a few too many million vis out of my range. Either way I bought a red ticket a few days ago. Been actively either leveling Reina(Emilia), Cove (M'Boma), and Pearl (Karlajain) together in Torsche FA. Cove with evocation fire aoe spam.. oy.. I have to spam it as soon as it cools down or they'll easily get killed off. The upside is they're leveling about once an hour, if not a bit faster. ^^

Looking at getting Karlajain to 100 so she can craft that ticket (I'm going to be needing a lot more later in the future), and M'Boma so I can pair him with my wizard to go Golden Apple/Cabbage hunting in Katovic. And Reina..? Well.. I just wanted someone close to their level who could rez - and she fit the bill. :P

Good news! We're not stuck in a perm-war anymore. Granted it was rather short, but I'm not complaining. If I'm not mistaken the other clan lost about two members and switched leaders as well. I've no idea of anything beyond that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it affected the sudden truce we got. Not that I'm complaining.. no.. not at all! Whoo! I hate being killed afk. On that note.. (Sorry, Erufen!) *former ThePretender member*

In other news, my days of obsessively farming/camping/hunting Golden Spider/Thoractomy/Giant Komodo are paying off. If anything, strategy wise at least. Opened about 1k of Bellem Boxes for Keys to AQM, Tetra, etc.. on that note the guy in Joaquin hurts if you aren't mindful. Actually his lil guards gave more more trouble than he did.. but anyway~!

Been checking in periodically, and figuring how to pinpoint (best I can) the respawn times of Lantem, Treasure Golem, Chimera.. both channels included. Yes, I'm hunting hoping for some Symbols, and the type of drops I've been getting so far seem promising, so I expect to see one before too long (I hope!). For a long time I was really put off to trying to farm them for Constellation Symbols from all the massive QQ I'd heard about it. From my GS/Thora/Komodo days I've learned one important thing - just get there before the other guy. First come first serve after all. I don't know about other servers, but most in Orpesia seem to observe it pretty well. So far.

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