August 15, 2010

Once the Dust Settles..

Well - now that this week's CW is done, time to scrub the blood out of the armor again - *our* own blood, that is. Now this is pretty normal for me - being I only have vets (for now!) I'm better suited for attacking towers than attacking other enemy clans, but this week the clan I'm in decided best to defend against the raging hoards than to be one of the raging hoards this week. Makes sense - considering we started with four colonies.

Key word - started.

Now recently it's come to light that there's been some apparent chaos going on with Phalanx. Just from my own observances it looks like leadership has switched 3-4 times in about as many days, and their member count has gone down. Given what I've read on the forums and heard in-game, it seems some of their key members left - hence after a week of dominating the week before - Phalanx almost got wiped off the map last week. (Who am I to complain? I'm in a competing clan :P) but that leaves one wondering - if x-members left - where did they go? Join other clans? (Also wouldn't complain) Nah.. in true Aegis/Citadel/Phalanx legacy they apparently started their own. Their name? Schiavona. Just like Claire's greatsword stance - which for some reason makes me giggle - a lot.

We'll see how long the 6/100 lasts..

Did I mention we got ah.. (err well I did) mopped the floor? By six people? (And they took 3 colonies at one point, but ended up with 1 :P) At least one of them kept pulling a nasty tactic of using a Wiz to put everyone's chars to sleep, then a Nar to smash them to tiny bloody bits. I have to admit - it was pretty fun to watch post-death too. Kinda makes a person want to level up a wiz and try it out themselves.. almost.. I have my Scout/Grace/Musk to deal with first. Speaking of which..!

- - - - - -

All in all it was a royal bloodbath - wars between more clans than I could keep track of and more deaths than I could count. So - with the 2hr war over I poked my nose into Baha AA, and then returned to my home in Skele AA for my grind to Expert. On the way to Fl 2 I found and killed Thora (on both channels no less!) got a 92 uni rod for it and 3 lv 88 weapons. (1 GS and two cannons) Can't turn them into chips, unfortunately. And for some reason lv 88 items have nerfed AR compared to neighboring weaponry. Just 22 AR? Really?

Now according to my guestimations my trio will hit Expert on Mon, Tues, and Thurs each around 3ish pm, respectively. - In my choice spot I'm making about 3.8% per hour per character. Duoing Scout with Grace later will give me 4.3% - at least until the mobs start turning brown. So far my Musk leads the way with hitting Vet Lv 9 this afternoon, Grace not too far behind and my Scout still playing catch up.

So agonizingly close! So agonizingly far! D:

Hopefully Jisket will hit 10 by tomorrow, and I'll be able to Expert her on Monday - which would be awesome winsauce because then I'll get to duo Niyone and Victoria to Expert sooner then I'd earlier thought. And then? Hmm..

I hear Errac is pretty this time of year.

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