March 4, 2011

The Expert Debate

So - since last time a few things have happened but nothing terribly notable. Family leveling has gotten underway. There's little point in leveling my Experts as right now not one of them has all of their stances yet. Niyone needs ET, Jisket still requires Flintlock, Italy needs a ton of them (the exalted Peltast and famed Tronada Cruz, along with several others), and Victoria..? Actually leveling my Grace isn't a huge priority at the moment. Stock chars have precedence. :3

Last weekend I made a run to Caeb SA for the first time ever. *le gaspeths!* Got into a very good group and was able to turn in the quest for more cards every hour and five minutes. Sleep eventually sneaked up on me and out of a possible 600 cards (if 25/hr) I came away with 500 cards instead, and that was with sleeping through a couple turn-ins. Kinda neat to think that had I kept awake long enough - I could've come away with 550 cards. ^^;; This, however just launches one great debate - who to Expert/Master first?

I'm considering waiting on Mastering anyone. I'm a bit of a stickler for having 'all available stances maxed' before advancing to the next promotion so I'll probably wait until I have all the Expert stances I want on x-char before I level/card feed/promote them to Master. With that out of the way leaves the second question - who to Expert? Along the side of the blog I have all my Veterans listed along with current levels (updated today) with a new addition. The (R) next to some of their names means all their stances are maxed, even all the Vet ones they can acquire. There is nothing left for them to do but reach Expert.

Right now (being I'm waiting on Expert stances) I'm leveling my vets in Skele Dungeon while AFK/sleeping to at least Lv 2, and maxing what stances I can. The idea is have all stances, get what ones I do not have, and max all of them while getting to at least Lv 2. With the mobs being strengthened across many maps - while soloing Experts is still a cinch with Lucifer Wings - I'm at a loss of where to AFK Vets short of going to Skele AA. If I Expert them via cards - well - each level saves me another 100 cards to use for another level. That and going from level 1 - 2 in Skele isn't very difficult nor take very long.

Anyway - I'm stumped. Expert Romina and give her Equites? (or Flint - I don't remember what I decided for her -.-) Expert my Wiz and hope for Darkness? Or maybe my Elementalist even though I don't use her that often? Zinnia (Calypso) would be fun as an Expert. Or how about Ania and her Gorgeous stance? One of the MAs for the road to Master for the MMA stance quest? Who? My objectives are so I can more effectively participate in Raids/CW/etc. I know gear is also a huge factor, but I'm stumped on who to have join my Expert Quartet.

On that note - decent 3DR e92's that aren't overpriced are silly difficult to find. @_@ As one that's been keeping track of prices for some time, they're just silly right now. They've actually gone up since the Patch.

 Enough of my QQing! Besides being stumped and hoarding cards until the obvious solution strikes me, the Family has been running off and being the extra 3rd person in Circus runs, doing Bounty Hunter runs with friends/clannies, and even a run through Castilla! I haven't found anything extraordinary drops-wise but I have been compiling a list of possible rewards based off of the roulettes. It seems a person could get really lucky.. or end up with just e84s. Imo, even e84's sell for a couple million so it's still worth it, but I do wish some of the shinier things would drop for me. ^^;;

Taking on KoC with clan mates in a BH Baha run.

So! New objectives :3
- Finish maxing Lightning and Fire Domination stances on Isabel (Helena)
- Acquire Domination Ice for Isa.
- Finish maxing Dom Light on Caelan (Vincent Rio)
- Finish maxing Sight Shot on Evalyn (Brunie) - our newest Vet! (She was vetted *just* for Outrage xD)
- Acquire a Rosario?
- Try out TA and hope for a Symbol - even if the Fam only ends up dead. :3
- Level a team from 80 to 84 to take advantage of the BH Torsche instance.
- Do something about the glut of rings the Family now has. @_@
- CW your little heart out. <3

...I think that about sums it all up.

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