March 9, 2011

BH and First Angler

So maint just kicked in, or so Raiden claims. Technically I was still logged in when it 'started' but meh, minor details. xD I was going to stay up just long enough to do a Circus run after reset, so in the two hours I had the Family completed one Prison of Joaquin Bounty Hunter run (receiving two tokens), and a BH Skele Dungeon run (receiving two Crafted Skele keys), which made me chuckle. The last skele run I'd done this morning had also given me 2 tokens. That's three runs in a row of the same item twice in the roulette.

Irony? I do believe so..

Given I only had about another half hour or so until maint the Family went off to Bahamar Marsh to go hunt up an Angler. Now I've only seen an angler once, and that was from a spinelle back in Skele AA last fall. It was hunted for briefly yesterday with no success, but I thought I'd give it a shot tonight anyway. One thing I've noticed - just from the hour of maint and the fact maint is happening in xx minutes.. if any bosses respawn during that window of time - odds are they're still alive and kicking by the time the servers go offline. Go figure.

The trio (Jisket, Italy, sans Niyone as Zinnia (Caly) was with in her place instead) went off and combed over the Marsh. They circled the entire perimeter searching pretty blindly for a boss that might or might not be there. If the angler has any general spawn locations, or places it tends to show up more than others I don't know of them. ^^;; Anyway at last whim they cut across the Marsh, confident it had been thoroughly searched and found empty. At the channel timer ticked down to an imminent move, a very murky.. colorful.. strange form showed up ahead. And poof. *Moving to Bahamar, Marsh* popped up on the screen.

I've never changed channels back so damn fast. .______.;;

Sure enough it was still there. The Family only had about 10 minutes before maint, and having no idea of what damage they'd be capable of let alone if they could event dent the creature's hp.. well.. it was a maul-fest. Skills were spammed, pots were nommed.. once in a while, and sp pots were abused rigorously.

Can't see too much unless you click on it.

Six minutes later (with 3ish to spare - supposedly) it finally ran out of hp. Huzzah!!! I was really really REALLY hoping for a symbol or something. I've heard that it can be an excellent supply for Scorpio, and oy, I'm in dire need of them. Well, for once at least. Niyone has been lacking ET for-ev-er and I'm not about to shell out 350m+ for them. I just don't have that sort of income. ^^;; Also - DHr would be absolutely awesome to find. I kind of need one of those.. I have a Black Dagger recipe calling for one.

~ Alze

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