March 17, 2011

Pisces! Updates and Plans

First and foremost the absolute *highlight* of my week happened just the other night. I have been hunting the bosses from AQM, Tetra, Porto, and Prison in hopes of *a* Constellation Symbol but have never found one - ever. Until just the other night. :3 A Symbol of Pisces dropped from Dios Lantem for the Family prompting much squeeing and jubilant celebrating. Apparently only Elementalists can use any of the stances Pisces affords, so Margaret (Ele) and Isabel(Helena) will have to duke it out and see who gets first dibs. Catch is - neither is Expert... yet!

 Short Rundown of Events:
- Family has received several goodies from the New Years Event including: 3 Training Card B's which give 500k stance experience each, a Moon Bunny back costume, and a Korean Traditional Costume (hat and dress) for Elementalist.
- Bought a Clivia Sprite costume for Jisket and a Torozova Ell for Niyone. Both were very inexpensive compared to competing prices so.. impulse buy!
- Opened two angler spinelles the Family had recieved some time ago - got two bogs for it. I understand now why people aren't a fan of bogs. They drop.. almost literally nothing.
- Farming in Errac Dias is much more effective with at least one character within the yellow exp range.
- Finally acquired Irawain's card. Quests oddly remind me alot of completing Gracielo's questline. The card will sit along with Angie's in the inventory for now.
- Revisited PY (deserted as usual). Finally killed Chimera (first time ever) and later Gerero. I now understand why PY is deserted. Got a number of e84 weps, a few rings, and Hero's Seal but not much else.
- Bounty Hunter quests are marathonable. With sufficient character levels to complete them, one player could do as much as 21 BH runs in a day. Six of those being for Caeb, five for Baha, four for Skele, etc. Twenty-one runs!!! We'll ignore the bar/rep/crystal costs that would go along with it.

The Andre and Ania quest was finally completed in Rebo. Apparently Andre was all shocked at Ania's knowledge about Violakea. She confirmed it was his objective to stop Stratavista and asked what Andre was going to do about Ferruccio Espada  when *bam* Emily from the Circus showed up. Apparently Andre foiled an assassination attempt on Emilia (...when did this happen?). Fight ensued (provoke ftw). Afterwards Ania tells Andre of Fritz being on the move. Andre spazzes and asks where he is. Ania says he's 'somewhere passing all his skills' to his disciples. Hello Hapkido quest anyone? Ania has her own score to settle as her motive for helping, and Andre wants to create something better than her 'questionable' costume. Cue start of Andre's Masterpiece.

- - - - - 

Phew! Now that updates are over and the Luci wing issue was fixed, I'm strongly debating what to have the Family do especially now with having a Pisces Symbol. I see it going one of two ways. Either spend another sleepless night in Caeb SA and insta-Expert one character, or team up some of my splash damage dealers and set them loose in Skele AA for a while and have 3 more experts in a week or so. I find the most difficult to expert are the characters that cannot inflict splash damage with their attacks. That means Mei (Soso), and Anwen (Romina), specifically.

..Yeah.. I think I know what I'm going to do now. Its definitely worth a shot. Only this time without the 5hr mandatory bullet refills!


  1. Ahoy! Congrats on the symbol. I remember hunting Dios for awhile for one. I was so giddy when he finally dropped a fish. XD

    One nice thing about Soso, is she's very speedy. I haven't used mine in awhile, but mayhaps you'll find that makes up for her lack of splash.

    And I'm hearing so much about the bounty hunter missions...I'll have to try it myself sometime.

  2. Hehe ^^ Thanks! It was a late last-minute run before I crashed and went to bed. I think I almost woke up the house when it dropped. xD

    Soso is currently my fav. MA so I'll probably use her for the Hapkido quests later. I'm testing out Romina with my Ele and Caly atm, but Soso is definitely next on the list.

    Do try them out! I'm currently working on a list of drops based off of the roulette. In gen. Prison and Skele have a lot of e84's (nothing that can't be sold), but Baha has the e92+ shinier things.