February 24, 2011

Angie, e92's, and Lady Luck

So - earlier while reading another fellow Pioneer's blog I found out that - lo and behold - warp scrolls are purchasable with vis! Excellent, excellent news for which I was quite happy to find out. Angie's quest was one of the very first quests the Alzeda Family did in their earliest days within the New World. Upon finding out of it's (at then) expensive requirement - the quest has sat there ever since. The approximate date escapes me, but it was a few years ago - at least.

Almost~ but not quite.

Angie is still sitting as a form of a card in my inventory. I suppose this equates to poor Angie standing outside the Alzeda family manor, knocking on the door to listen to the empty hollow knocks. Listening for any sign of someone about to open the door, with naught but patience, a good word, and faith the crinkled piece of paper indeed held the right address. ..Oh geeze - writer mode is kicking in today. This might turn into a short story at some point. I have a small scene that pops up in my head everytime I have to name a new UPC - I might have to write it up here sometime. ^^;; *cough*

Anyway~ In other news! Niyone (Scout) finally FINALLY maxed Arnis. Currently it's being debated which skill to leave unmaxed. Lado Patada or Intoxicacion? Looking back it probably would've been best to have not maxed Asalto, as it doesn't do as well for a multiple-target sort of skill as I'd hoped. Ah well. Currently leaning towards leaving Intoxicacion, but we'll see.

The best news of the day today, came not even three minutes into a Bounty Hunter mission for Skele Dungeon. Lo and behold - whilst kicking myself for NOT restarting the hunt missions >_<!! ..something shiny fell on the ground! Running over the trio (Niyone, Italy, and Jisket) picked it up and found it was an Elite Dragon Coat. Not even a recipe - it dropped made - which is awesome. I wasn't even aware e92's even dropped in the Skele BH mission.

Now - if that wasn't silly enough - things only got sillier after that. After a bit of debate, it was decided not to sell the thing but rather try a hand at crafting it into something useful! So 1 spare EB, 7 chips, 24 UA's, and 1 Vet Lac later.. voila!

Jisket's Lucky Coat (of Win)

Now usually I'm a stickler for having 3DR on my armor, but considering this was a free drop? I really have nothing to complain about, especially considering this is the first e92 the Family has EVER been able to get. Total cost (as all supplies were bought on the MM - sans chips and EB) was about 50m. Apparent value (again, according to the MM) is about 250m. Not bad little investment, all things considered. Not bad at all.

On a side note, Italy is now soloing her way to Expert Lv 4 in Bahamar with her freshly +5'ed Trump sword. Hopefully she'll be able to reach it before Friday. Current rate says she won't make it in the next 30ish hours, but whatever is left over will be made up with stocked-up EXP cards. Like many things - I have been hoarding them. The tentative plan is to start farming cards this Fri-Sat. It'll be a 24/hr ordeal until it's done, but I'm sure it will be totally worth it. :3

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  1. Irawain, Baek Ho, Soso, Vincent Rio, and Calyce also have a cash shop-free option now.