January 23, 2013

Bristia..?! And other news

Go I find myself in the sudden position to have 30 minutes time to burn on my hands. Splendid!

- CS list has been updated and is now functional. A few prices I haven't been able to find lately, but 90% of the prices have been corrected for this week's range. The list will be updated for one more week before being archived.

- Holy buckets questlines batman. @_@ So much questing to be done, there isn't nearly enough time for any of it. With several character recruitment requiring favor point quests, it's taking a while for some of them. Others are.. just being a huge pain. (I'm looking at you, Cruise.)

- Server is a lot more lively. For the first time in over a year I've actually had to turn down some settings due to lag from too many players on a map at one time. The broads are going constantly, and there is a much more sizable variety of items being sold on the MM on any given day than previously.

Oh, and server prices for everything has skyrocketed. It makes Castilla a seller's paradise, but bites for anyone who needs to buy certain gears. Apparently all the vis is coming from Bristia. Won't hear me complaining.

- So many characters, I've been able to recruit several, but their stances (and all the other new stances for pre-existing characters) haven't even been attempted. RL eats most of my time, so the extent of my GE experience thus far as mostly been instances and extensive recruitment quests.. and not much else. Considering how much has been done, its impressive. It's daunting to consider how much else there is I haven't even attempted.

- Sadly, all of my Scenario quests have been completed. That tab is completely empty now once again. Sadness. Oh well - my dismay hasn't been able to last one (we'll ignore the absolute TON of 'related' quests I have.. oy vey). 'cause.. we're getting Bristia.

Yes. Freakin' Bristia.

sGE is updating to Bristia soon.. and.. cripes sakes so are we - very soon. "I see your patch sGE, and raise you a Heiran."

..ok, so that was kind of a cheap shot.

But, we actually are Heyran Heiran, according to the big shiny intro page of theirs along with several other very notable Bristia NPCs.. On that note - I'm excited. Heiran is a pretty awesome character. You have to have a lot done before you can acquire her, but she's a lot of fun.

Frankly, the absolutely massive amount of content that was added to bring us from 8.5 to 10.23.4.. is.. quite ridiculous. It's been weeks since the server was launched, and still much of the player base is still trying to familiarize and adjust to the new features, characters, stances, instances, and other changes. Now there's news of Bristia.. coming 'Soon'.

It's just.. straight up 'content overload'. Given how things have gone thus far with T3 and the rate they go through new content (between first notice and implementation).. My bet? Bristia by March, if not sooner.

Good luck, Castilla, we're going to need it.
~ Alze

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