January 6, 2013

Cash Shop Prices and Ratios (Updated)

Below is a link to a simple glance at the current prices of CS items in Castilla, their gold cost, market selling price, and the gold/vis rate value of each item. This list is updated weekly/as time permits. Prices are all based on item costs on the Market Manager alone. Broads and private sellers are not included.

How to Use:
The initial column will list the item name, followed by it's Cash Shop price, amount of gold per individual item (if said item is normally sold in a pack of 5, 10, or 20, etc), the current Market Price according to the Market Manager (in millions), and finally how much gold per million vis each item is currently valued being bought/sold at.

With the Gold/Vis ratio a player can discern whether an item would  be a good sale or purchase, or if they would be better off waiting. For example, in Orpesian markets a decent ratio on average was 15 gold per 1 million vis for items. When selling CS items with a ratio of 15 or higher, the buyer got the best deal as he is spending the least amount of vis per gold. When selling items of 15 or under, the seller is making the most vis per gold invested.

Here is a current list of cash shop items for the Castilla Server and their respective prices as of 1-21-13. This will be updated as often as time and circumstances allow.


  1. Hm. If it's something that's to be updated frequently, might be easier to use an online spreadsheet instead. You can create one with Google Drive, then set it to read-only except for yourself.

    1. Ooooh thank you, Ash! I was considering doing something along those lines, but hadn't looked into where/how to yet. Repeatedly uploading images could otherwise become a bit.. painful, later.

      I think pending how an online sheet works out, I might replace this page with just a link. Thanks for the tip. =)