February 8, 2013


So, everything is accumulating into a massive crescendo of IRL busy-ness. As a result, I'm going to be very much AWOL for the upcoming two months. Updates will happen - if/when possible.. depending on free time. Most likely nothing will happen until the weekends, and even then updates are very very iffy. I make no promise of keeping up-to-date until at least.. mid-April.

After that I should be around much more often. Technically I'll still be 'around' in the meantime, but very very much afk. If you happen to see me online, I'm afk or setting up to afk. Honestly, I'll prob be on a time or a few in between now and then, but until that time I can't promise anything.

Stay Lively Castilla (Don't you dare start on Bristia without me!)
~ Alze

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