April 29, 2011

Past Two Weeks

 Well the last two weeks have been.. somewhat monotonous game-wise. RL has taken a liking to mauling my better senses so everything is pretty much jelly atm. Stresses aside, at least Sword-wise there's been a few note-worthy remarks to be had - so without further adeu!

- Went Vesping for the first time ever and Italy found out what an uber pain Armor Crasher is. I've never pot spammed so fast in my life. Well, maybe that's not quite true, but it's up there.
- Got to help take down a Heaven Giant Keeper though trump blunts don't do very much in ways of damage. Got a Magic-spelled Amethyst and a Liquid gas and some chips for my (not so useful) involvement. On that note - Vets were total derps and kept running in the way of the vesps and getting themselves killed. -.-

It was a race to see who could inflict AC first. :3

- A friend lent the Family some gear and so fresh Masters Anwen (Romina), Italy, and neglected scout Niyone set off for round two of the Holy Water Chamber quest. :3 It's amazing what the right gears can do. The first attempt took 30 minutes to get by the first boss. This attempt? Just eight minutes. Eight. That's absurd. I was giddy but died a little inside at the same time. Surprisingly gear+buffs alone (not ET or FF) Romi had 68 AR 65DR, and Italy had 67 AR/DR.. and that was without a shield. With 32 minutes left on the clock (and only 2x minutes fighting) Jorgen went down as well. :3 After that the rest of the quest went pretty uneventfully.

Boom! (Knockback was still a bish x.x)

- Rest of the Caeb SA pass was spent in a card squad. All cards were used on Soso who reached Expert. She's Exp Lv 4 now. :3 Leveling her is a bish x.x She has worse survival luck than Caelan (Vincent Rio) did while trying to level him to Veteran back in October.

 Random Clan Shenanigans. You can guess what was actually happening.

- Discovered Italy can now thrive in Circus, not completely fail at damage. Her weapons are pretty generic currently, but she can tank just fine with her existing gear. Hitting 67 DR with a shield isn't much of an issue anymore. ^^ Now if only she could hit that kind of survivability without one.. *dreams a little more*
- Tried using a crafted key for skele - silly simple fight - no frenzied ravyn. QQ

Castilla Mine Phobitan Imp General still eats the Family for breakfast.

- After numerous unsucessful attempts at chipping *any* DR on our own e92 ERS, the Family purchased a +5 3DR ERS instead. Finally, Niyone won't be stuck wearing e84 armor at best anymore. Will work on +6'ing it later. Now just to get a Scorpio.. *dreams*

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