April 13, 2011

Lady Luck Strikes Again

Tonight I tried rechipping an Elite La Luna that the Family was very kindly given not that long ago. The first few chips yielded a sole stat of 34% atk, which was fine for the time. Having hoarded up a few more Lv 96 chips (after foolishly selling the sizable bunch I had >_<) I decided to try rechipping on a whim. I'd been upgrading to break items into chips and had gotten several +6, and even a +7 earlier this evening, so I was feeling a little lucky. Apparently, tonight I was.

First chip. o________________o

I tend to have terrible chipping luck. Been pouring Lv 92 chips into an ERS to no avail yet, so I've hardly attempted chipping weapons. I'm not very familiar with socketing, so a 2nd and possibly 3rd will have to wait until later. I mean sheesh..  It's been a while later and I'm still gaping like an idiot. It even +6'ed on the first try. I must say, I do believe I know who will be the next Expert and possibly Master in the Family. Errac Dias slayer anyone? 




  1. Nice knuckles for sure :) I hope to get lucky soon with chipping as well...It's been a while!

  2. wow thats such a nice mod! Grats!!