April 16, 2014

Fam Update - Kielce Edition

Alright so I figure I might as well start reblogging here on this thing. For the first time in a long time I finally have something I want to blog about - well, rant about more so. Well, not a proper rant, more so a little annoying thing - a vent, but I'll get to that in another post.

So since I've came back nearly four months ago I've managed to re-acquaint myself with some of the finer points of gameplay. I still manage to make a potato (an idiot) of myself with my gaping holes of knowledge in regards to updated content. The most recent example of this was - apparently in some versions of BH missions, you can summon others in to join you? I'm still powerfully confused by this.

Shortly after rejoining GE, I was swiftly re-abducted into Halcy. Apparently I had 'just' be finally kicked to make room a matter of days before. Ironic, that. The political climate is quite simple, but much more active than I have seen it in years. There's a massive grudge match between around 8-10 clans. Or rather, there's just a handful of clans (and grumpy(?) leaders) that just LOVE to war everyone, and do so do religiously. Meanwhile the rest of us are stuck with it. Oh well. I've already found places safe to afk in where reds generally do not check.

That tends to be the biggest complaint during clan/faction wars, that it becomes almost impossible to AFK anywhere. With recent bugs rendering even premium areas Pk-able, this is almost true. Especially if you afk in places like Rion Dungeon, Skele Dungeon, Caeb, Bahamar areas, etc.. you know, the popular places to level. Even so, that's an awful lot of map to check, a number of channels, and only a few persistent reds doing the overall damage. Oh well, I'm happy to trade off a 'prime exp' location for one I can AFK for hours in.

Since returning I've finished almost all the quests, recruited all (? or nearly all) of the Kielce rnpcs, and some extras. I'd post a picture but we're talking an extra 15 characters. Marchetti, JD, Olivia, Heiran, Adriana, Cruise, Lhote, Caisse, Veil, Barrol, Cano, Grenma, Ion, Sierra, and Nena have been added. All of them were acquired on a daily basis throughout early January, and the rest added a few days or a week later throughout the end of February with the exception of Nena, who I managed to get just last week. Lhote was acquired through a PTE (Play Time Event ie: AFK in town until you got enough points to get a goodie).

That said, they've all been promoted to Expert or better. With diligent completion of the daily Kielce quests (And extra 5 Vet levels+ in Exp cards daily in rewards) I now have enough Exp Cards to insta-master all of my remaining Experts at their varying levels - yes all 30 of them. Yes I'm a hoarder. Yes, I'm still debating whether to actually do it or not. Hnnggg... but dat Fam Exp!

 Ah well, until later.

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